5 Best Metal Cases for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Best Metal Cases for iPhoneMetal iPhone cases have quickly become one of the most popular styles of iPhone cases out there. We are often asked which is the best metal case for iPhone 6S and other iPhone models.  In our review of the 5 best Metal Cases for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus we narrowed downover 20 metal cases to come up with the top five.  They vary in degree of protection and the amount of overall metal with each case. Yes we made this list because we sell all of these cases. What makes us unbiased is we pretty much sell all the name brands out there.
This list was harder to narrow down because picking the best metal iPhone case is a lot more subjective than a category like “most protective cases”. Either way, if you want a quality metal iPhone case, any one of these five will do the trick.  If you do find one you like, be sure to use the code METAL and you will get 15 % off your case and free expedited shipping!

1. X-Doria Defense Shield for iPhone 6S / 6

X-Doria Defense ShieldThis is the most protective of all the metal cases we reviewed and it is the most practical as well. Match this one with the color of your iPhone and you won’t find a sleeker look while still providing your iPhone with military grade protection.  X-Doria Defense Shield is the combination of machined aluminum, a soft rubber core and a scratch free transparent polycarbonate.  This is the metal case we recommend for users looking to show off their iPhone and need drop protection. For more checkout the other  X-Doria iPhone 6S Cases

2. Rokform Predator Aluminum for iPhone 6S / 6

The Rokform Predator Aluminum has the most metal out of all of the best metal cases forpredator-ip6p-case-lifestyle-03
iPhone 6S / 6S Plus.  When you started searching for a metal case this is probably more what you envisioned.  It looks sleek but the Predator design actually does very well protecting against drops as it protects all points of contact during a drop.  Two pieces of solid aluminum simply screw together and secure tightly around your iPhone. Due to the screw on design, we dont recommend this to someone that changes cases often.   Predator protects but also comes with the best iPhone case mount on the market with Rokform’s patented design.  The magnetic mount allows you to easily mount your iPhone anywhere you go and remove it with the integrated magnetic mount.  We recommend this metal case for users looking for the most metal possible and are interested in the Rokform magnetic mounting feature.

3. Moshi iGlaze Armour

Moshi Metal Case for iPhone 6S Brushed aluminum with colors matching iPhone colors is what makes Moshi iGlaze Armour stand out.  Not only is this one of our favorite metal cases but was also one of our top overall iPhone cases.  Armour matches the iPhone look more than any case we have seen.  In fact while using this case I have had several people ask me what type of iPhone I have.  They thought I was not using a case at all.  Moshi iGlaze Armour is a layer of brushed aluminum with a shock absorbent core.  We recommend Moshi iGlaze Armour to users look for an “iPhone look” and a flashy brushed aluminum style.

4. Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal

One of the slimmest metal cases, Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal is a soft rubber case with a
aluminum bumper that snaps around the edge.  The rubber case is etched with a grippy design and the aluminum adds nice structure.  We recommend Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal to users looking for a rubber type case and that like a metal accent.

5. ElementCase Solace

With the least amount of metal, ElementCase Solace is still one of the best metal iPhone cases out there.  It is the most expensive so it is not for everybody.  The durable ultra thin body is reinforced with CNC aluminum top and bottom crown to finish off this premium case.  It also has the largest lip on the front which provides impressive protection against scratching your screen.  We recommend this metal case to users not worried about price and that prefer an accent rather than more full metal coverage for their case.

To learn more about the best metal cases for iPhone 6S / iPhone 6S Plus we recommend watching the video below.  Once you find the one you like, hit the links above and be sure to checkout with the coupon code METAL which will give you 15% off your order and free expedited shipping!

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Where to buy Incase in Utah?

Where to buy Incase in Utah

Where to buy Incase in Utah

Incase makes some of the best iPhone cases and bags for all your Apple devices. As more and more people buy Apple many people locally have been wondering where to buy Incase products in Utah or in Salt Lake City.

Our company outfitYOURS.com is located at 2261 E 3300S in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Here we carry the largest inventory of Incase products in the state. Our massive inventory includes the entire Incase line of products like MacBook compatible backpacks, iPhone cases, macbook sleeves / cases and more.  If Incase makes it then we are sure to have it.  To learn more about our store click here. Come on in and mention coupon code INCASE for 15 % off any one Incase item.

Below are some of our favorite Incase products found out our Utah retail store.

If looking for more than just Incase in our Utah store, you will also fine full lines from brands like OtterBox, mophie, Lifeproof, Spigen, Speck and more.


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Will iPhone 6 Cases fit iPhone 6S? – See which ones do not fit

Our most common question lately online and in our store is “will iPhone 6 cases fit iPhone 6S?”  The answer is actually it depends on which case you are asking about.  The differences between iPhone 6 and 6S are only .001 of an inch thicker for iPhone 6S which is way less than you could ever discern. The cameras and buttons are all in the exact same spot so that will not be any issue.   In short not all iPhone 6 cases will fit iPhone 6S but here is an explanation(including a video below) on which will and which will not fit.

Category iPhone 6 iPhone 6s iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s Plus
Thickness 6.9 mm
(0.27 inches)
7.1 mm
(0.28 inches)
7.1 mm
(0.28 inches)
7.2 mm
(0.29 inches)
Weight 129 g
(4.55 oz)
143 g
(5.04 oz)
172 g
(6.07 oz)
192 g
(6.77 oz)
Height 138.1 mm
(5.44 inches)
138.3 mm
(5.44 inches)
158.1 mm
(6.22 inches)
158.2 mm
(6.23 inches)
Width 67.0 mm
(2.64 inches)
67.1 mm
(2.64 inches)
77.8 mm
(3.06 inches)
77.9 mm
(3.07 inches)

Cases that will fit iPhone 6S

Though we cannot speak with 100% surety for all brands out there, pretty much any iPhone 6 case with a component of rubber will fit iPhone 6S.  Even snap type cases will fit. To see all the major brands of cases that work with iPhone 6S click here.  Just make sure when buying an iPhone 6s case that it does say compatible with iPhone 6S in the description.

iPhone cases that will not fit iPhone 6S

There are a select few iPhone 6 cases that will not fit iPhone 6S that include slider type cases made of hard plastic.  Waterproof cases that have a very tight fit may not fit as well.  When it comes down to it like said above just make sure your case says compatible with iPhone 6S in the description.

Watch the video below to see a more in depth review answering the question “will iPhone 6 cases fit iPhone 6S?”


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Where to buy OtterBox Cases in Utah?

OtterBox has quickly become the largest case company in the world which is why more and more people are wondering where to buy OtterBox Cases in Utah.  Our store outfitYOURS carries the largest selection of OtterBox cases in Utah and have been partners with OtterBox since the very beginning.  Whether looking for OtterBox Defender or OtterBox Commuter we carry the entire OtterBox line and are located in Salt Lake City.  Yes there are other stores that carry some OtterBox cases but we carry the entire line including OtterBox Cases for Samsung and other Android devices.

Places to buy OtterBox Cases in Utah

1. outfitYOURS – 2261 E 3300 S, SLC, Utah 84109

Largest OtterBox selection in Utah. Friendly and knowledgable staff. Fully warranty.  Browse other brands like Mophie, Incase, Speck and more. Our OtterBox section is like a mini OtterBox store in Utah.

Store to buy OtterBox in Utah including all OtterBox iPhone Cases

oufitYOURS Salt Lake City store with the largest OtterBox selection in Utah

OtterBox Cases available in our Utah store – available for all iPhone and Android models

1. OtterBox Defender

2. OtterBox Commuter

3. OtterBox Symmetry

4. OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet

5. OtterBox Resurgence Power Case

6. OtterBox Strada

For more information about OtterBox Cases in Utah feel free to come visit our store or give us a call at 1-800-611-4619.

IMG_8443 (1)



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Father’s Day Gift Guide – 10 Best Gifts for Dad

Written by Sara HallerHow do you get the perfect gift for the one man who has been there for you since the beginning? From the day you lost your first tooth to the  time he handed over the keys, your Dad has been there cheering you on and helping you along the way.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite gadgets and gifts that can get you thinking about how to make his Father’s Day one of the best yet. All the fathers here at outfitYOURS.com actually got together and came up with our list of the best gifts for this Father’s Day.
Unknown-7Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet 

Built using their low impact Nude Approach, Bellroy has transformed the traditional wallet. The slim profile reduces unnecessary bulk making it easy to store in a pocket or bag. Made of bona fide leather this small and simple design perfectly blends usability and aesthetics to make the high-quality wallet that he’s been looking for.

PowerUp 3.0 Paper Airplane 

If you thought you’d seen everything the smartphone has to offer, the Powerup 3.0 is PowerUp_3.0_use2worth a serious look. How does it work? Simply attach the Powerup device to a paper airplane of your choice, sync your iDevice to it’s receiver and give your aircraft a toss. It has a 180 foot range and can stay aloft for up to 10 minutes on a single charge. An awesome mix of 21st century technology and old-school entertainment that’s guaranteed to thrill gadget-happy dads, young and old.

Mophie Juice Pack Air 

The ultra-thin Mophie Juice Pack is not of our most popular cases for nothing. Give your Father something that will not only protect his most important asset but also give him extra battery life when he’s on the go. Rubber support pads with suspension bumpers shield against shocks and drops, and when short on battery life just flip the stand-by switch on the back and you can immediately begin recharging your iPhone. The extra charge equates to 14 hours of additional battery life. Now that’s cool!

Just Mobile Alupen Twist Stylus Just-Mobile-AluPen-Twist-L_1

Dad may have mentioned he wanted a stylus so why not wow him with a pen and stylus all in one?  This is no gimmick as the Alupen is made of anodized aluminum and is as premium as you find for a stylus.   Stylus and pen are on opposite sides and can easily be used by twisting.

The Fire Breather Hot Sauces by Brouquet

San Francisco’s Broquet has tracked down the tastiest, most innovative chili sauces this country has to offer and compiled what they call a “Broquet” of hot sauces. Comes with 5 bottles of unique concoctions, and our favorite part, a clever hot sauce tasting log book to help him keep track of the heat. A cool and unique gift that he’s not soon to forget.

And if hot sauce is just not your Daddy’s bag, check out some of the other Broquets such as “The Smokehouse” which is bacon six ways or “The Leather Shoe Care Kit.”

Moshi VersacoverMoshi Versacover iPad Case 

The Moshi Versacover has quickly become the best iPad case.  If your Dad is asking for an iPad case then this is what you need to buy him.  Not only does it have the sleep / wake functionality but the Versacover also is the slimmest iPad case to have all viewing angles.  The unique origami design folds into the perfect angle for every need.  Not only is this a functional case but it also looks great by showing off the back of the iPad and has a sleek front cover.

Simply Skinny Ties 

Nothing says Father’s Day like a tie. This year keep it classy with one of Simply Skinny’s slender and affordable neckties. Handmade and 100% wool, choose from a variety of sleek designs. It’s sure to become a new favorite in his collection.

Arvo Wear White Time Sawyer with Brown Band

When it comes to watches quality is a must. That’s why we love what Arvo has done with the simple and classy White Time Sawyer. Water resistant, genuine leather, and a stainless steel case back are just a few of the features that will make this gift one that he’ll use for years.

iPhone_6_Plus_Burnished_Magia_Wallet_Lifestyle_01Sena Burnished Magia iPhone Wallet 

For the more conservative Father this Sena Burnished iPhone wallet case is the answer. Made with tanned leather and finished with a gentle burnishing process, the two-toned finish makes for a look and style that will age beautifully with a natural dark patina tone. It’s accessible natural mount securely holds the iPhone while keeping a slim profile. A nice, reliable case that we highly recommend.

Hex Convertible Brief Case

Help your Old Man upgrade to something a little more functional this year with the Hex Convertible Brief Case. The modern design incorporates a clean, up to date style that can also quickly convert to a street ready laptop backpack. Features a fleece-lined 15” Laptop storage compartment with additional exterior tablet and phone pockets.

To learn more about each one of these Father’s Day Gift ideas click on the title of each item or watch the video below on the 10 best Father’s Day Gifts.

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5 Best iPhone Cases for Moms

Best iPhone 6 cases for momsSo I’ve just barricaded the bottom of my stairs with an ottoman so my 10 month old daughter won’t make a break for it while I’m writing this blog post. (That has not stopped her from trying though). Whew. There are so many things to say about being a mom, but I will try to limit my comments to how iPhone cases factor in to my life for this post by looking at the best iPhone cases for moms. My phone has become indispensable as a mother. I mean, Elmo is on there! I look up my kid’s symptoms, set up playdates, plan walks with neighbors, find great recipes, communicate with family, let my daughter use it as a chew toy while I teach piano, and, let’s be honest, settle down with some good old Netflix while my little friend is napping. Even though I try not to let my phone run my life, it is always there, in my pocket, purse, or hand. My phone is my most constant accessory, I need something protective and I want something cute and fun. Thank goodness there case brands that are so protective and stylish without being humongous, bulky, or masculine. After reviewing hundred of iPhone cases I have narrowed them down to the 5 best iPhone cases for moms. 

1. Sonix iPhone Cases are amazing. Think of J.Crew look and design. Think of J.Crew look and design that doesn’t fall apart the first day in your purse or the first time your toddler throws your phone against the wall. Many Sonix designs are from Rifle Paper Company so you know what I mean.   They have dual layers: the first, a protective rubber core and the second, an outer hard shell for secure protection. The designs range from cheetah print, to solids, to florals, to ombre. And the best part, the graphics don’t scratch or rub off like the cheap cases.  Any unlike other slippery cases out there the rubbed edge keeps it from slipping out of my or my kid’s hands.  Sonix iPhone 6 Cases

2. The Moshi iGlaze Armour case is really cool in a minimalist kind of way. They offer great protection in a range of metallic cases that look classic and slim. It features a dual layer rubber inner shell and hard outer shell and is one of the best-selling cases on the market. For the mom that wants to keep the look of your iPhone then this is the case. I love the gold.  Mom moshi

3. I am currently using the Hex Icon Wallet and I think it’s my favorite case yet! It is a wallet-style case with an elastic band to hold the cover in place. I’m the type to throw my phone, keys, snacks, diapers, and whatever else into my diaper bag. It’s been about six months with this case and there is not a scratch on my phone. The case holds some cash and all of my necessary cards (I just counted, and eight cards are currently fitting quite comfortably in there). Grocery shopping is so much nicer without a big old purse, too. I would compare the look to a Madewell store; basic, but with some flare. Also, as one who drops her phone every ten minutes, I can tell you this thing protects and protects and protects.Hex Mom

4. The Trina Turk cases are definitely the sassiest out there. The designs are bright and fun and the cases also have the dual layer protection system. If you want to add some pizzaz to your everyday routine, the Trina Turk case is the way to go.Trina Turk iphone 6 Cases

5. No one needs extra battery for their phone more than moms. Not only am I draining my battery but now my kids too.  The Mophie Juice Pack case can extend your battery life up to 14.5 hours! It’s protective and quite slim considering that it more than doubles my battery life.  Whenever I get a low battery I just flip the switch on the back and my phone fully recharges.  Mophie iPhone 6 Cases

So there you have it. Moms! We don’t have to have ugly and bulky iPhone cases. We can have one less thing to worry about when our kid decides it’s a really good idea to throw our phone down the stairs. And we can have a cute accessory while we Instagram a picture of our child squirting out all of the baby shampoo all over the bathroom floor (happened yesterday). I hope this short review helped you out if you are looking to upgrade your case in any way. Also, thanks for being a mom; it’s so hard and so wonderful and I admire anyone in the midst of it. Now go have a great day! For more info watch the video below of our picks for the best iPhone cases for moms. 

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7 Best iPhone 6 Wallet Cases – Case + wallet combined

Wallet iPhone cases are quickly becoming one of the most popular type of cases which is why we wanted to review the best iPhone 6 wallet cases on the market.  Here we sell all the wallet case brands but have narrowed it down to the 7 best iPhone 6 wallet cases. There are two types of iPhone 6 wallet cases which includes the standard flap to open wallet case or a case with slits on back for credit cards and cash. To see more options you can also checkout all iPhone 6 wallet cases.  To see more in depth about each case watch our video review below on the best iPhone 6 wallet cases for you.

Best iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

1.  Hex Icon Wallet for iPhone 6

Best iPhone 6 wallet caseTake a classic premium leather wallet design and add case inside and you have the Hex Icon wallet.  Many companies have began copying this design but Hex makes the most premium with genuine leather and the perfect balance between room for extras while not being too bulk.  We also like the elastic strap that secures your front flap behind when talking or secured closed when not in use.  The Hex Icon Wallet for iPhone 6 also comes in the most color options out there.  This is our favorite of the best iPhone 6 wallet cases.

2. Moshi Overture Wallet Case for iPhone 6

overtureSimiliar to the Hex Icon Moshi Overture sticks to the wallet design but without the strap.  Like a wallet it mostly stays folded closed.  This iPhone 6 wallet case is made with a durable case frame which makes this the most protective of all iPhone 6 wallet cases.  Overture also folds into a stand to allow for easy FaceTime or other viewing.

3. Speck CandyShell Card Case for iPhone 6

Best iPhone 6 wallet casesOne of the first wallet cases ever made was the Speck Candyshell card which makes it one of the best iPhone 6 wallet cases out there.  With the protective dual mold design of hard plastic and soft rubber this case has the look and feel of a regular non wallet iPhone 6 case.    On the back of Speck Candyshell features an integrated credit card slot that holds up to three credit cards or some folded bills.  Due to the card slots this case is quite a bit thicker than your standard Speck CandyShell iPhone 6 case.

4. Hex Solo Wallet for iPhone 6Best iPhone 6 wallet cases

Yes, Hex again! Similar to the Speck case Hex Solo Wallet looks and feels like a regular iPhone case with integrated credit card slots.  Unlike the Speck case, the thing we really like about the Hex Solo wallet is that the case is not thicker than a normal case and only adds the thickness of credit cards when used as a wallet case.  Hex Solo Wallet is made of genuine leather and has a great look and feel.

5. Spigen Slim Amor Wallet Case for iPhone 6

Best iPhone 6 wallet casesThe Spigen Slim Armor Wallet case allows you to stash your credit cards and cash in the back of your case and then slide your case closed to conceal your money.  This slot quickly slides open for easy access.  Built with the Spigen air cushion technology this case also adds impressive drop protection and is available in several different color options.

6. X-Doria Dash Folio One for iPhone 6427500_dash_folio_one_for_iphone_6_black_kickstand_1024x1024_98320__83707.1413330390.440.440

Like the Moshi Overture this X-Doria case acts as a wallet and viewing stand.  This does not rank as high as the other wallet cases as the slot only allows for one or two credit cards but this is still a great case that protects both front and back of your iPhone 6.  The polycarbonate shell adds an extra layer of protection.

7. DODOcase Leather Wallet for iPhone 6

Best iPhone 6 wallet casesDifferent from the other wallet cases, this DODOcase is more of a sleeve for all your wallet needs with a pocket for your iPhone 6.  Made with genuine leather this sleeve molds to your iPhone over time for the perfect fit.  Although this type of sleeve is not for everybody it is a great option for the minimalist.

All of the best iPhone 6 wallet cases are available at the links above with free expedited shipping and a one year warranty.   Be sure to watch the video above to learn more about each one of the best iPhone 6 wallet cases.

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Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 Review – Best iPad Air 2 Case

Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 is finally here!  This is the case many of us here at outfitYOURS will be putting on our iPad Air 2. At $59.95 this is on the more expensive side but the price is about right when you start to look at other cases with a similar design.  We rate this case so highly as it is the most functional yet simple iPad Air 2 case we have found yet. Read below why or why not to buy Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2.

Why you want this case:

  • Provides all viewing angles (portrait, landscape, typing)
  • Protects front and back of iPad Air
  • Clear scratch resistant back protects back of iPad Air 2
  • Magnet secures front cover behind iPad Air 2
  • Sleep / wake automatically turns on or off iPad when opening or closing
  • Slim design while providing protection

Possible reasons this case is not for you

  • You drop your iPad everyday on sharp rocks
  • You want a different color

I personally talk to customers everyday about the best options for iPad cases and this case is the one that customers most often call back and thank me for the recommendation. People love this case.  We sell all the brands out there but this case has become the best all around case for the everyday iPad user.  This is the slimmest iPad Air 2 case made that has all viewing angles.  The slim design still provides plenty of protection as it covers both the front and back.

versacover_air_instructions_1Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 makes all your iPad activities easier.  I particularly like that the front cover folds behind iPad Air 2 and stays there with a secure magnet. This makes browsing the web easier as you don’t have to keep securing that flap.  Although the folding design may appear confusing it only requires one simple fold for all stand options.  When done using your iPad you can easily fold the cover back and it will sit flat on the front while sleep / wake functionality will automatically turn off iPad Air 2.  Open it up for use again and your iPad Air 2 is automatically back on .

Cases are meant to protect your iPad and Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 is no exception.  It is slimmer but just enough to protect against bumps and scratches.  Yes there are more protective iPad Air 2 cases out there but they are really going to get in the way.  The back of Moshi Versacover is made with a clear scratch resistant back that has a little bit of texture to it to ensure it does not slide out of your hand.

Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 is available in black, navy, orange and pink. We sell all the major brands that make iPad cases but Moshi Versacover is the case we most often recommend.   Click here to buy Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 with free expedited shipping and full warranty!


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10 Best Clear iPhone 6 Cases – Show off your iPhone 6

More and more people are wanting to show off their attractive new iPhone which is why we show you the 10 Best Clear iPhone 6 Cases. Clear iPhone 6 cases can still provide protection while completely showing off the attractive iPhone 6 design and color options.  These may all look very similar but there are quite a few key differences.

1. Moshi iGlaze XT Clear Case for iPhone 6

Best clear iPhone 6 CasesOur pick for best clear iPhone 6 case is made with a scratch resistant surface that keeps the clear plastic from scratching so easily.  Most clear cases are made with a fully glossy plastic that your fingernail can almost scratch whereas this case is very difficult to scratch and will continue to look brand new.  Also made with a raised lip, this case keeps your screen from hitting when face down.  The thin design is just enough to protect while adding very little thickness to your iPhone 6.

2. X-Doria Scene Grip Case for iPhone 6Best iPhone 6 clear cases

Although this case is not 100% clear it is going to provide some good protection.  The co molded bumper provides more than enough drop protection and the clear back still shows off most of your iPhone 6.

Best Clear iPhone 6 Cases3.  Case-Mate Barely There Case for iPhone 6
Almost identical to our #1 choice, this too is a clear snap case that protects against scratches although not particularly great for drops.  It is not as scratch resistant as the Moshi iGlaze but still one of the better clear cases out there.

4. Incipio NGP for iPhone 6

Best iPhone 6 clear cases

This case is a more frosted case that still allows for most of the iPhone 6 look to come through.  The reason for the frosted look is to allow for a softer material rather than hard plastic like with the other cases.  This case provides good drop and scratch protection and has a matte type finish which provides a little more grip.

Best Clear iPhone 6 Cases5. Urban Armor Gear Maverick Clear Case

The most protective of all the best clear iPhone 6 cases, the UAG is made with an armor shell and impact resistant core and does meet military drop test standards.

6. Skech Crystal Shock Clear Case for iPhone 6Best Clear iPhone 6 Cases

This clear case is co molded with a clear bumper to provide some extra drop protection. We do like that that the soft rubber material is also transparent.  Only problem is this can start to yellow after some time.

Best Clear iPhone 6 Cases7. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case for iPhone 6

One of the more protective type bumper cases, the Ultra hybrid has a raised lip on both the front and back to protect your screen and the clear back part of the case.

8. Griffin Reveal Clear Case for iPhone 6

Though the least scratch resistant this is a good cheaper case with a built in bumper and clear back.  Griffin reveal comes in a lot of different colors which is also nice.

9. Case Mate Tough Air

With an air pocket design allows for air pockets to create an extra layer of protection for shock absorption.  It is also made with metal buttons for a more refined finish.

10. Spigen Capsule

A cheaper version of the Sketch Crystal shock(#6) this case is a clear plastic with a soft clear TPU for extra grip and protection.

To shop all clear iPhone 6 cases click here.  These and many more are available from outfitYOURS.com with free expedited shipping!


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Do iPad Air Cases fit iPad Air 2?

The latest question around here is,  “do iPad Air cases fit iPad Air 2?” The new iPad Air 2 looks almost identical to iPad Air which is why many people think that they can just buy an iPad Air case and slip it onto their iPad Air 2.  At first it will seem like the iPad Air 2 fits perfectly but turn your iPad Air 2 around and your question is answered.

 iPad Air cases do not fit iPad Air 2.  Here’s why;

1. The camera on the back of iPad Air 2 is nearer to the edge than with iPad Air.  With an iPad Air case on your iPad Air 2 you will be covering up half of your camera.

2. iPad Air 2 is thinner than iPad Air.  Although it is only .05 inches thinner this still can make a difference with some plastic snap cases.

To learn more about “do iPad Air cases fit iPad Air 2?”, we recommend watching the short video above.  You can also checkout all the best iPad Air 2 cases already available.

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