What is outfitYOURS.com? How and why did it get started? I figured it would be fitting for the first post to cover the who, what, why, when and where of this new site.

All my life I have loved computers. I started with PCs and was always excited to see what new and amazing things technology brought to my life.  When I was 21 I got my first Mac and it multiplied my love of computers by ten.  The Mac just made sense to me and was so elegant and fun to use.  I learned the Mac OS front and back and could not get enough.

People caught wind that I knew the Mac and started asking me for help and training and in the next year Taylor Davis Computers was born.  I was fixing computers and helping people to become better at using them.  At the same time I was helping people decide which computer to buy, I would help them find the best accessories to go with them.  I was sending so many people to other stores that I realized I should just keep the popular items in stock and sell them myself.

I would stock a few brands and sold quite a bit.  In doing so, I realized I have a passion for great products and sales and decided to pursue sales/retail more aggressively. I talked to my brother about setting up a site that sells these products.  He was excited about the idea and the result is outfitYOURS.com.

We started outfitYOURS.com with the vision of a one stop shop where an Apple user can find the best accessories for their iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac.  It is frustrating when you go out on the internet and look for a case or charger and have no idea the quality of the product. We do the testing for you and only sell the best brands and best products. We carry the brands: Incase, Speck, OtterBox, Griffin, and iWrap.

We also want to provide an excellent shipping experience. So often I have bought something online and received it two weeks later. At outfitYOURS.com, we stock everything we sell so it is all shipped same day. Also, every order includes free UPS Ground so you are guaranteed to get your item within 5-7 days at the very latest.  When we order an item online we are excited to receive it. Why would our customers be any different?

That is the story of outfitYOURS.com. We learn how to improve every day and continue to add new products and features to make the site better.  If you have any ideas that can make your experience more enjoyable or think of any products you would like to see, let us know and we will make it happen. Thanks for reading, now go buy some accessories!

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