Apple Smart Cover the front, Speck SmartShell Case the back

We waited all day in line to buy our new iPad 2.  With the excitement came the purchase of the Apple Smart Cover. Apple never fails to come out with some new exciting product and it was hard to turn down the technology of the Smart Cover.  With built in magnets, the Smart Cover automatically wakes up and turns off your iPad 2 while also folding to become both a verticle and horizontal stand.

It really is amazing and comes in so many colors but the Smart Cover really is not the complete solution.  Your screen is protected but scratches on the back of your beautiful new iPad 2 are one of your lesser desires.  Speck saved the day with the Speck SmartShell Case for iPad 2. The Speck Smartshell protects the back of your iPad 2 while leaving room to use the Apple Smart Cover.

The Speck SmartShell Case is soft-touch hardshell plastic that is ultra-thin and lightweight while still providing scratch protection.  The Case includes a cutout for the Smart Cover spine which fits perfectly with the SmartShell.  You can still use all the Apple Smart Cover features with your Speck SmartShell Case.  The SmartShell also includes a magnetic grab on the back of the case which allows the Apple Smart Cover to fold behind the iPad 2 without flopping back open.   

The Speck SmartShell Case comes in Black Satin, Clear, Orange Satin, and Pink Satin.  Buy the SmartShell from and you will have your new Speck SmartShell case shipped to you for free within 5 days or less!

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