Everything You Need to Know about Apple Back to School 2011 Deal

So today Apple announced their Back to School deal for 2011. This is their best sale of the year and it is only for current students or parents of students. This year you get a free $100 gift card for the mac app store, itunes store, or ibookstore. In past years you could get a free ipod touch so this is a little bit of a letdown. That being said, with the discount on the computer, $100 gift card, and free printer it is nothing to cry about. I like getting $300 worth of savings/goodies anyday. Here at outfitYOURS.com we like to simplify things so we decided to gather everything about the deal and put it in one place. So without further adieu here is a bunch of info on the deal:

What is the deal?

Discount on Macs

  • $100 off the White MacBook ($899)
  • $100 off the 13-inch MacBook Pro ($1099, $1399)
  • $100 – $200 off the 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro ($1699, $1999, $2299)
  • $50 – $100 off the iMac ($1149, $1399, $1599, $1899)
  • $50 off the MacBook Air ($949, $1149, $1249, $1549)
  • $200 – $450 off the Mac Pro ($2299, $3199, $4549, $2699)
  • Mac mini does not qualify for the $100 gift card but students can get $50 off

$100 Gift Card for iTunes, Apple Store, or iBookstore

  • Basically this is an iTunes gift card. iTunes, App Store, and iBookstore all use the same account so that is just like the iTunes gift card you got in your stocking last Christmas. They are pushing this to buy software on the Mac App Store. One thing that every student needs is productivity software so this money can be used to buy iWork (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers – $19.99 each) and leave some money left over for niche apps like Pixelmator (highly recommended). When looked at this way it is nice to not have to spend any money on software.

Free Printer

  • Many dont realize this deal is available but makes the savings quite a bit sweeter. This is a deal that Apple runs all year long but they dont advertise it so you have to ask. With this deal you have to buy and Mac and a Printer at the same time and they will give you a $100 rebate. Yes you do have to buy the printer and submit a rebate but the check usually comes in 5-7 days. They offer $99 printers so you can get a free one or $100 off a higher end one. Learn more.

Who qualifies?

  • K12 – If you work for a K12 institution or are on an elected or appointed school board or organization (PTA or PTO) you are eligible.
  • Higher Education – Any faculty or student of higher education institutions are eligible.
  • Higher Education Parents – Any parent purchasing on behalf of their child, who is currently attending or is accepted into a higher education institution is eligible to purchase. Learn more

Where to buy?

  • Apple.com – You can start here if you want to buy online. Apple.com is nice if you want to build a custom configured computer or want a unique computer. Apple.com is nice also because you get the $100 credit with your order instead of having to submit a claim and wait. You will have to be patient with this option while it ship. Build to order models take even longer.
  • The Apple Store – Buying from the Apple store is probably the best and easiest way to take advantage of the deal. If you want a base model computer and one of the popular printers then you are golden. When you buy at the Apple Store they will also give you your $100 on the spot. Plus you get to leave with your computer and you dont have to wait for shipping. They will also help you setup your computer and transfer your info from your old one for free! Here is a list of Apple stores.
  • Authorized Campus Store – Most campus bookstores are able to take advantage of this deal. The campus store is great because it is nice and close. The campus store is not as good because after your purchase you have to submit your claim online and they will send you the gift card. Also the free printer offer is not available through the campus bookstore. Find an Authorized Campus Store

What do I need?

  • If you buy online they just ask what school you attend and then you sign to promise that you are a student. They do random audits to check if you qualify and if you dont they will bill you.
  • If you go to the Apple Store you must bring a student id, acceptance letter, or anything from the billing department at ¬†your school to prove your eligibility. As for faculty if you bring a school ID that is all you need. I am sure a pay stub would work too (dont quote me on that but it is pretty official).

Shameless Plug for outfitYOURS.com

  • I could not resist. At outfitYOURS.com we have a huge selection of sleeves, hardshells, and bags that are made for your Mac. Everything ships fast and free. We carry brands like Incase, Speck, and Incipio. You will definitely find what you need to protect your new Mac. We also have tons of bags and backpacks for back to school. Dont get stuck with the selection at the Apple Store or Campus Store. We carry every color and style so you can get the case or bag that is 100% you!

So there you have it. The student discount is always great and it is even sweeter with the free printer and the $100 gift card. If you have any additional questions or if I am missing anything let us know in the comments.

Note: OS X Lion comes out in July but anyone that purchases a Mac after June 6th, 2011 gets it as a free upgrade so there is no reason to wait for July. Learn more.



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