The Best iPad 2 Back Covers and Case with the Apple SmartCover

The Apple SmartCover for iPad 2 became a must for all iPad 2 owners.  The SmartCover just has the perfect iPad look and feel while also providing a stand feature for all different viewing angles.  The magnet technology turns your iPad on and off.

The Apple SmartCover is almost perfect, right?  Like you, we found this cover to be lacking in the back protection of the iPad 2.  While reviewing the iPad 2 my business partner nearly got mad at me for sliding the naked back of the iPad across the desk.  After putting my iPad in my bag, this how it was when I took it back out.   The iPad 2 aluminum is too nice to leave uncovered and exposed to being scratched.  The Apple SmartCover becomes perfect when used with a iPad 2 back cover.  We at have found the best iPad 2 back covers that are all made compatible with the Apple SmartCover.

The Speck SmartShell Case for iPad 2 is one of our favorite iPad 2 back covers compatible with Apple Smart Cover. Not only does this case match the Smart Cover colors, have a soft touch hardshell cover, but also provides a magnet on 
back (seen just above the Apple logo) thus allowing the smart cover to fold across the back and stay there rather than flopping around.  Retail – $ 34.95

Mix it up a little and add some leather to your iPad 2.  Zagg has recently introduced the Zagg Leatherskin for iPad 2 with Smart Cover. The Leatherskin comes in Alligator, black and several other colored leathers.  Mix the best leather with your favorite Smart Cover color and you are sure to come up with a combination that will set you apart.  Zagg leatherskin for iPad 2 provides the uniqueness with the protection.  Zagg LeatherSkin Genuine Leather Cover Retail- $ 49.95    Zagg LeatherSkin Polyurethane Cover Retail – $ 29.95

While talking leather, you cant leave out the quality of the Sena UltraSlim Genuine Leather Cover for iPad 2 with Smart Cover.  All Sena leather is made of genuine European leather and looks and feels as nice as leather can be.  The Sena Ultraslim for iPad 2 with Smart Cover allows you to cover both the back of the iPad 2 and the Smart Cover while on your iPad 2.  This leather pouch fits the Smart Cover covered iPad with precision.  When ready to use, slip out your iPad 2 and open up the Apple Smart Cover.  You will find this case to be stylish and flashy depending on your selection form the many colors.  Retail – $ 59.95

With the Incipio SmartFeather for iPad 2 with Smart Cover you are able to cover both the back of your iPad 2 and part of the Apple Smart Cover.  This case goes over the spine of the Smart Cover which protects it from falling off.  The SmartFeather is slimmer than the Speck SmartShell but does not include the magnet back piece that keeps the Smart Cover from flapping when put behind your iPad 2.  The Incipio SmartFeather comes in all the Smart Cover colors and is light and protective.  Retail- $ 34.95

Now is the time, make your iPad 2 and Smart Cover perfect by covering up the back.  You can get any of these iPad 2 Cases that work with the Apple Smart Cover from and your case will arrive in a few days with free shipping!

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