Do ipad 3 Cases fit the iPad 4 and iPad Retina?

Many people call with the question, “do iPad 3 cases fit the iPad 4?” Many of the iPad cases on the market say that they work for the iPad 3 and even the iPad 2, but it is often unclear whether they will work for the iPad 4 or retina iPad.

The answer is YES!  iPad 3 cases fit the iPad 4 perfectly and if you have an iPad 3 case it will fit the iPad 4.  The only differences in the physical dimensions of the iPad 4 and iPad 3 is that the iPad 4 has a lightning port.  Because this is such a minor difference, all the major manufacturers continue to make the iPad 3 cases and sell them as iPad 4 cases.  The lightning port hole will be bigger but works perfectly and looks great as well (as seen in the iPad 4 and iPad 3 pictures below).  None of the major iPad case brands have any plans to make cases that are strictly for the iPad 4.



With the Moshi Versacover Case for iPad 3, this iPad 3 case fits perfectly around the iPad 3 cutout for the 30 pin connector.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 3.16.53 PM





The photo to the right is the iPad 4 with the exact same case.  You can see it still has the larger cutout but fits great and looks normal as the new lightning port is centered.


The sleep wake on/off magnet function of iPad 3 and iPad 4 cases also works perfectly as both the iPad 4 and iPad 3 have the exact same magnet.  To see the best iPad 4 and iPad 3 cases go to where all the major iPad case brands are sold with the fastest free shipping and sorted by most popular.  Best iPad 4 & iPad 3 Cases!  Watch the explanation below and see that iPad 3 cases fit the iPad 4.

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