Does the Moshi iGlaze for MacBook Air fit the new 2013 MacBook Air?

It is June, 2013 and Apple has just released the new 13″ MacBook Air and 11″ MacBook Air models.  The body dimension are the exact same except that Apple had added an additional microphone.  This leaves many asking the question of whether the current cases will fit the new MacBook Air models.

Does the Moshi iGlaze for MacBook Air fit the new 2013 MacBook Air?

IMG_4927The answer is Yes and NO.  The case snaps on perfectly and fits well but it does cover the new microphone(as seen in the picture).  This will limit some of the noise canceling capabilities but will make your microphone function the same as the previous MacBook Air models that only had the single microphone.   For someone who only occasionally uses Skype or other microphone needing Apps, this is not a big deal and I would suggest buying the case now rather than waiting months for the updated cases to come out.  If you are a heavy microphone user, it may be worth waiting until new cases  come out. Moshi and Incase hardshell cases expose the one micrcophone while Speck cases cover both and are not recommended.  In the mean time, it may be worth it to throw a sleeve on to keep it protected.  Watch the video below to see some different options.

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