Top 5 Best Backpacks for MacBook Pro & MacBook Air

With the huge growth of Apple these last few years, backpacks made specifically for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have become very popular.  These types of backpacks have padded pockets that secure a MacBook or Mac air while giving padded protection in case that backpack drops.  We look at the 5 best backpacks for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. These are the best all around for quality and protection.

5. Incase Campus Compact Backpack

Incase is definitely the best all around brand for making bags that fit your MacBook.  The Incase Campus backpack comes with all that you could hope for in a bag.  This could easily be the favorite.  It comes with great color accents and is made with a nylon material that looks great.  If you are looking for some different looking colors, this is a great option.  cl55467_cmpscllctn_cmpctbckpck_asargrn_hero1_web__43344.1374627487.440.440

4. ACME Made Union Pack 

The ACME Made Union Pack is a sleek backpack that is smaller in size.  The compression MacBook pocket fits tightly and has a nice design.  Like the other four, this bag has a pocket for the iPad.  The Union Pack has a durable weather resistant material and is a good option if you are carrying this bag in the rain. 18-57-IMG2_LRG-1__71430.1323215220.440.440

3. Booq Mamba Daypack for MacBook Pro

The Booq Mamba Daypack has more structure then the other backpacks.  This can be a positive or negative characteristic depending on what you are looking for.  It has the secure pockets for MacBook and iPad while also have the largest main pocket of the five backpacks.   If you are consistently using the all space then this is likely your choice.  If you want something that stays thin when not using all the space but can expand when needed, take a look at either Incase bag.  graysss__25887.1347388587.440.440

2.  Hex Backpack for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

The Hex Backpack is up there for more stylish along side either of the Incase bags.  It comes in all type of colors and designs that look great and get people’s attention.  It is also very well made with a water resistant waxed canvas and with leather straps over the zippers.  It has a simple look made of all quality materials.  This also has a velcro strap that secures over your MacBook inside the MacBook pocket. Be sure to check out all the different style options of the Hex backpacks.backpack_detail_2__07338.1354749935.440.440


1.   Incase City Compact Backpack 

The Incase City backpack is as premium of a backpack as you are going to find.  Made with a blended weave polyester and a faux fur lining pocket, this backpack is what you and your MacBook want. It provides 360 degree padding with efficient pockets in all the right places.   It is hard to beat the quality feel and look and is by far our choice for the best backpack for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.  cl55453_ctycmpct_nvy_hero_web__17618.1373046018.440.440


Click on the bag you like for more pictures and details or watch the video below to learn more about the comparison between the top 5 best backpacks for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.  When you find what you like, be sure to order from our site at with free 2 to 4 day shipping!

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