5 Best Car Chargers for iPhone 5

There are a lot of iPhone 5 car chargers out there.  Some are pretty expensive while others are very cheap.  Not only have people died from bad chargers, in working with thousands of customers, we have found  that it is worth the extra money when buying chargers.  The cheap ones out there often brake and are not worth the hassle.  We show you the 5 best iPhone 5 car chargers that are all Apple certified.   Pick any of these 5 and you will be great.  All 5 of these car chargers are 2.1 AMP which will charge the iPhone 5 much faster than 1 AMP chargers which means they can also be used for charging your iPad.

327114_UCLT_front_large_00__96989.1366653874.440.4405. Incipio Ultra Compact Car Charger $ 29.95

This is the most simple and lightweight of the 5 chargers.  It does come with the lightening cable.

4. X-Doria XC Car Charger $ 24.95414586_X_Doria_XC_CarCharger_White_2_1024x1024__33441.1373303212.440.440

The X-Doria charger will match your Apple Lightening cable perfectly with a glossy white finish.  The cable is not included but the compact form and quality in design, makes it worth looking at.

605656_POSL_front_large_00__83603.1373305896.440.4403. Griffin PowerJolt SE Car Charger – $ 24.95

Advertised as the world’s best selling charger, the Griffin PowerJolt is definitely well known.  It comes with a coiled lightening cable that we like in that it stays short but does extend out when needed.  It is similar to the Incipio but we prefer it for the coiled cable and because Griffin has proven itself for years.

2. Just Mobile Highway Pro Car Charger – $ 39.95528847_JMHP__50054.1349733026.700.700

This would be our number one choice if it were to come with a lightening cable.  It gives you the option to be able to charge two devices at once and looks as good as any with a diamond tread aluminum head.

ycharge_2-1.1_green3__39699.1375722774.440.4401. TYLT Y-Charge Dual USB Car Car Charger – $ 49.95

The TYLT Y-Charge leaves nothing to be desired and does come in black if you are not into such a flashy charger.  Like the previous case, this can be used to charge multiple devices at once.  The two foot lightening cable comes in a matching color and is very durable

All of these iPhone 5 Car Chargers can be purchased at outfitYOURS.com with free 2 to 4 day shipping.  Watch the video below to learn more about each iPhone 5 charger.

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