Best Waterproof iPhone Cases for making calls

"I can't hear anything!"

“I can’t hear anything!”

“Which iphone 5 waterproof case has the best call quality? I have the lifeproof nuud and its terrible. I can’t hear anything”  – customer

When you buy a waterproof iPhone case, you are more than likely giving up call quality.  It is a common complaint with all the waterproof cases.  The very nature of a completely sealed case inhibits sounds.  That being said, among the best waterproof cases for iPhone 5, some are much better than others.  We at have been testing these cases for the last several weeks and have followed up with thousands of customers to ask them about their case.  Lots of times the answer is, “I can’t hear when calling with my waterproof case!”.  Through this very unscientific study, we have found which waterproof cases are the best for making and taking phone calls.  With the our feedback from customers and trying them out ourselves, we rank them from best to worst.

iph_927a__47106.1367856360.440.4401. Incipio Atlas – I personally used this case on a recent fishing trip to Alaska and have kept it on for the last several weeks.  In the six weeks of use I have had two occasions where the person on the other line could not hear me and one occasion where I could not hear the person I was talking to.  This was pretty annoying but not worth getting rid of the waterproof capability in a case.iPhone-5-Griffin-Survivor-Catalyst-Waterproof-Case-Black-Transparent-21052013-2-p

2.  Griffin Survivor + Catalyst – A few complaints of not being able to hear on either ends.  More complaints than the Atlas but still not bad.  Overall customers have been happy with the case.

OtterBox-Armor-13. Otterbox Armor – The reviews have been quite poor with this case not always being waterproof but it hasn’t had as many complaints with call quality as the Lifeproof cases.  It is nice that you can open the bottom tab which helps people hear you better.  The atlas also has this feature.  Just make sure to not hop in the pool while the tab is still open. 394238-lifeproof-nuud-iphone-5-case.jpg

4.  Lifeproof Nuud  – Yes it is the upgrade from the fre but this case still has serious sound issues.  If you want to make calls at all, avoid the Lifeproof cases.  other than that, they are pretty decent.  It is nice with this case that you don’t have to deal with a built in screen protector.

LifeProof Fre Case5. Lifeproof fre – See above.  If you decide you do want a Lifeproof case, at least buy the Nuud.

Let us know about your experience with your waterproof iPhone 5 case!

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