Will iPhone 5 Cases fit iPhone 5S? Yes and no….

iphone5s-gallery1-2013The new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were released yesterday and many people have the question of, “will iPhone 5 cases fit iPhone 5S?”  The answer is YES and NO.

con_apple_id_touch_l___impronta_digitale_sblocca_l___iphone_2515iPhone 5S has the same button placement and physical specs so the majority of iPhone 5 cases will work perfectly for iPhone 5S.  The only exception is with waterproof cases and other rugged type cases that cover up the home button.

OtterBox Defender

OtterBox Defender

These cases will “work” but you will not be able to have the fingertip scanner functionality.  If an iPhone case covers the home button in any way then the fingertip scanner will not work.  That being said, it is unlikely that there will be waterproof cases that will allow the Apple touch id to work.  If you want a waterproof iPhone 5S case, you are going to have to give up that functionality.

Cases that will work – Any iPhone 5 case that does not cover up the home button.

Cases that won’t work – All iPhone 5 cases will fit but ones with the covered home button will not allow Apple touch id to work.

Let us know if you have seen any other issues with using iPhone 5 cases for iPhone 5S and check out all the best iPhone 5S cases now available!

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