5 Things to know before buying iPhone 5C Cases

HT_iphone_5C-colors_thg-130910_16x9_992The new colorful iPhone 5C is out!  Yes it is a high quality plastic but you are likely going to want to protect it.  While searching for the best iPhone 5C case we give you 5 things to know before buying.

1. Compatibility – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 cases will not fit the iPhone 5C!  The iPhone 5C has a more rounded edge compared to the iPhone 5s / 5.  Make sure in the product description it clearly states that the case works for the iPhone 5C.

2.  Plastic – Sure the iPhone 5C plastic is much better than the nokia plastic phones of old but this plastic still needs some protection.  Without a case you are no longer risking a little ding, like with the aluminum iPhone 5. You could break your iPhone 5C by dropping it on the road, and not just the screen.  Protect it with a case.

3. Color – The iPhone 5C colors are bright and will show through on your cases.  If you want to match the color or just show off the iPhone 5C completely you may want to look at different clear case options.  Be careful when matching the colors as not all manufacturers made their cases with the exact iPhone 5C colors in mind.

4. How do you use it? – Not all users are the same.  Some people like throwing their iPhone at brick walls while others pride themselves in never dropping their iPhone.  There are several case categories that include; rugged, slim/protective, slim, waterproof, leather, wallet, etc. Find the right type for you.  Find out if the case has a raised bezel to protect the front of the iPhone.

5.  Screen protectors – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 screen protectors will work with the iPhone 5C.  That being said, make sure if using a case that your screen protector is case friendly.

Watch the video below as well for iPhone 5C case buying tips.


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