5 Things to know before buying an iPhone 5S Case

hero_start__posterframeWe love the iPhone 5S and feel it important to buy a good case to accompany it.  In hopes that you buy the right and best iPhone 5S case for you, we have made these 5 main points to know before buying an iPhone 5S case.

# 1 Compatibility – Not all iPhone 5 cases will work with iPhone 5S.  Make sure that in the product description that is states that the case is compatible with iPhone 5S.

# 2. Fingerprint ID sensor – If the home button is covered the fingerprint ID sensor will not work.  Many rugged and waterproof cases cover this button.  These cases will fit the iPhone 5S but this functionality will not work.  That being said, there are currently not any waterproof cases that leave the home button exposed so it may be worth giving up that functionality to be able to keep your iPhone 5S dry.

3.  New iPhone 5S flash – Apple has improved the flash with amber and white LED flash.  It is a little larger on the iPhone 5S and many iPhone 5 cases interfere which will blur or white out night photos.

4. Protection – iPhone 5S needs protection but needs do vary.  Not everyone needs ultra rugged cases.  The different types of cases include; slim cases, slim / protective cases, rugged cases, waterproof cases, battery cases, etc.

5.  Screen protectors – All iPhone 5 screen protectors will work with iPhone 5S.  That being said, if your case does come over the edge of the front screen make sure the screen protector is case friendly.

Watch the video below to see these 5 things to know before you buy your iPhone 5S case.  All the best iPhone 5S cases can be ordered from outfitYOURS.com with free 2 to 4 day shipping.

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