Do Mophie iPhone 5 cases work with iPhone 5S?

Mophie has been by far our most popular iPhone 5 battery cases.  We recently tested them with the iPhone 5S and found that they are 100% compatible and yes all Mophie iPhone 5 cases work for iPhone 5S.

As expected charging the iPhone 5S in all Mophie cases works great.  The fingerprint ID sensor is completely exposed and has no issues with the case.  Our greatest concern was with the new iPhone 5S flash and the Mophie camera hole cutout.  As seen in the pictures below, iPhone 5S flash pictures with the Mophie came out completely clear.  The other picture is a flash photo taken with a case that has too small of a camera cutout.

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2 Responses to Do Mophie iPhone 5 cases work with iPhone 5S?

  1. BG Quesada says:

    I finally rec’d the iPhone 5s today and tried the Mophie Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 5 & it wasn’t charging the phone. I also got a pop up message on the screen that said this accessory is not compatible.
    Did we get the wrong model?
    We have been long time Mophie users, through the era of the iPhone 3 to the present.
    Any advise would be welcome. Thanks!

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