Top 10 Best iPhone 5S Cases – Incase, Speck, Otterbox, Griffin, Mophie, Incipio, Sena …

We have reviewed hundreds of iPhone 5S cases and have narrowed them down to make our list of the top 10 best iPhone 5S cases.  Not everyone uses their iPhone 5S in the same way which is why our top 10 list includes the best in each category. Click on the category to see all the options.


Slim / Protective

1. Speck Candyshell – We like that this case is slimmer while still providing drop protection. It looks good and comes in a lot of different color combinations.

2. Incase Slider – The slider is a more professional looking version of the candyshell with a slider design.  It is easier to put on and has a soft touch finish that scratches less.  Very similar to the candyshell in good all around protection while staying relatively thin.

Slim Cases

iGlaze_Armour_Black_1_thum__21676.1355833052.1280.12803. Moshi iGlaze Armour – The armour looks like it was made by Apple.  It is super thin with a brushed aluminum back.  This case is going to protect from scratches while providing minimal drop protection.   It looks good.

iph_930b__64283.1363887874.440.4404. Incipio Feather – This cases is super thin and comes in dozens of colors.  It also has a raised bezel that protects the screen if falling or laying face down.

Battery Cases for iPhone 5S

5.  Mophie Juice Pack Plus – Mophie makes the best iPhone cases by far.  The Mophie Juice Pack Plus is the best of the Mophie cases as it adds 120 % battery life to your iPhone.  It looks really nice and also provides great protection.mophie_juice_pack_air_iphone_5Protective Cases for iPhone 5S

605031_SVFB_front_large_00__05923.1351297839.440.4406. Griffin Survivor – The Survivor is super protective, maybe too protective.  We generally recommend slimmer cases for the every day user but in a few rugged situations this is the case.  It is splash resistant and definitely drop resistant.  The home button is covered so the fingerprint ID will not wor

apl2_new_iphone_5_e7__97707.1363282765.440.4407. OtterBox Defender – Like the survivor, the defender is very protective.  It is
not quite as protective as the Survivor but still a sold case that gives you plenty of protection. The built in screen protector is not quite as good as the survivor but is still pretty good.

Waterproof Cases for iPhone 5S

8. Incipio Atlas – Lifeproof and other brands make good waterproof cases but we prefer the Atlas for the screen sensitivity of the tempered glass screen protector.  The other brands’ screen protectors are made of plastic and are not very responsive. The Atlas also feels much more quality and provides good drop protection.images-1Wallet Cases for iPhone 5S 

Unknown-19. Hex Solo Wallet – The Hex wallet is slim and gives you room to carry two or three credit cards.  It is the best simple wallet solution.

getmediaobject_46-1.ashx__44331.1359576156.440.44010. Sena Walletbook – The walletbook is genuine leather and looks and feels great.  We like that it gives you a lot of room to carry everything from your normal wallet.  It also comes in a ton of different colors and leather textures.

There are a lot of other great cases out there that are not included in this list so check out the other hundreds of iPhone 5S cases.  These 10 cases can be purchased from our site with free 2 to 4 day shipping.  To see a little more why we like these cases, watch the video below.


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