Will Lifeproof cases work for iPhone 5S?….Almost

Lifeproof makes some of the most popular waterproof cases out there and many people want to know if the iPhone 5 Lifeproof cases will also work for iPhone 5S.

Yes and No!  Both the Lifeproof Fre and Nuud for iPhone will fit around your iPhone 5S and will keep it dry.  The home button will be covered so your fingerprint ID will not work (this is the case with all waterproof cases currently on the market) but you can just turn off your fingerprint ID functionality and be totally fine.

The Lifeproof cases partially cover up the new iPhone 5S dual flash which will definitely be a problem when taking photos at night as your photos will likely be whited out.  For this reason, Lifeproof will be making new cases for iPhone 5s.  It will be a while before they are out so either hold tight for the new cases or check out the Griffin Survivor + Catalyst.  This case has the larger flash cutout and has no interference with taking pictures at night.  We rated this as our # 1 choice in our best waterproof cases for iPhone 5 review anyway. It has a slightly more responsive screen than the Lifeproof  and more of a quality feel to it.

Check out our video below to see more on “Will Lifeproof Cases work for iPhone 5S?”


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