5 Best Battery Cases for iPhone 5S – Comparison

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 11.25.42 AMAs more and more brands begin making battery cases for iPhone 5S, it can be difficult to know which is the best iPhone 5S battery case.  That is why we here at outfitYOURS.com have tested and compared the 5 best.  The list of the 5 best includes the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, Belkin Grip Power, Incipo OffGrid, Lenmar Meridian and MaxBoost Atomic.  Check out the chart below to compare specs and dimensions and read below on which is best. Also check out the video below of all the details you need to know.

Make & Model Price Battery mAh Weight (oz.) Why buy? Why not to buy?
Mophie Juice Pack Plus $120 2100 3.14 Best all around More expensive
Belkin Grip Power $100 2000 3.19 Well made for cheaper Thickest
Incipio OffGrid $80 2600 3.3 Cheapest Poor case quality
Lenmar Meridian $90 2300 3 Nice size and feel Bad warranty / slow charge
MaxBoost Atomic $100 3000 3.3 Biggest Battery Bad everything

# 1 Mophie Juice Pack Plus – This case is easily the best all around battery case for iPhone 5S.  It is very well made and designed, the electronic components are by far the most reliable and it provides solid protection.  Some other brands advertise their batteries to provide more power but we have found that the Mophie cases are the only ones that actually charge the advertised additional charge.  We also found the Juice Pack Plus  charges the iPhone faster than any other battery cases.

The only hesitation people may have with this case is that it is a little more expensive than the others.  We feel that it is worth the extra cost but if you do want a cheaper option then check out the Juice Pack Air or Juice Pack Helium.

# 2 Belkin Grip Power Battery  – This case is one of the better battery cases out there.  The battery holds up well and the case does give almost as much additional battery as the Mophie.  The only problem with this case is that it is quite a bit thicker than the others.

# 3 Incipio OffGrid – This case has a solid 2,500 mAh battery but still does not provide quite as much power as the Juice Pack Plus.  That being said it is the cheaper option and is still a good all around battery case.  The plastic material is a little cheaper but it still is going to give you the additional charge and some good protection.

# 4 Lenmar Meridian – This case looks good and is quite thin while still being powerful.  It is pretty slow at charging the iPhone and is not very reliable electronically.  We have been disappointed with these cases as they often stop working after a few months of use.  It is better than a lot of battery cases out there but we would not recommend it to any of our customers.  Stick to the three cases above.

# 5 MaxBoost Atomic – With one of the largest batteries out there for all iPhone 5S battery cases this case had some promise and made some noise in the market. Like with cars, this case may have the largest “engine” but it does not relate to it being more powerful as this case provides the worst additional battery of all the 5 best cases.  We do not recommend buying this case as it will not work for very long and does not have a very good warranty.

We at outfitYOURS.com have decided to only sell the top 3 cases and they can be purchased with free 2 to 4 day shipping by going to our page for iPhone 5S battery cases.

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