5 Ways to Prevent your iPhone Screen from Breaking

Apple continues to improve the quality of glass they use for their iPhone screens but they still are very much prone to breaking and cracking.  Yes you can buy insurance or can take it in and get it fixed but save your money and time by not breaking it at all.   Here are 5 ways how to prevent breaking your iPhone screen.274-825-thickbox

1. Don’t Drop it

I know, helpful isn’t it? It sounds obvious but this is simply the best way to keep your screen from shattering. You really can avoid dropping it if you just be a little more careful.   If it never falls on the ground, you don’t need these other ideas.

2. Buy a case with a raised bezel or lip

You may not want a super rugged iPhone case because they are bulky and hide your sexy iPhone.  There are a lot of cases out there that have a raised bezel which means if it falls face down it will hit the lip of the case rather than the screen.  Even some super slim cases have this feature and it will definitely help from keeping your screen from shattering.  This includes cases like the Incase snap case or the Speck Pixelskin.

3.  Buy a case that is more grippy

The iPhone can be slippery and which means it is not uncommon for it slip through your iph5_spk_a0486__63102-1.1350935975.440.440
texting fingers and shatter on the cement.  Many case brands have been coming out with cases that not only help soften the fall but help keep your iPhone in your hands.  Even cases with a soft touch finish or leather cases will give you extra friction while holding your iPhone and help prevent it from slipping out.

4. Buy the most protective case possible

coque-iphone-5-griffin-survivor-noirThere are cases out there that protect your iPhone in all situations.  The Griffin Survivor for example was first shown to us by a Griffin Rep as he threw it at brick wall and the iPhone was totally fine.   There are other cases like the OtterBox Armor and Defender that are well know for protecting your iPhone.  Check out our review of the 5 most protective cases.

5.  Screen protectors really do help

Cases will do the most in saving your screen but screen protectors definitely help.  Recently, brands have come out with screen protectors like the BodyGuardz Ultra Tough that will greatly the minimize the risk of your screen cracking.  There is no 100 % screen saving screen protector as of now but one like the BodyGuardz paired with a slim / protective case will be almost indestructible.

To check out the best cases check out outfitYOURS.com where you can purchase all the most protective cases with free 2 to 4 day shipping.

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