5 Reasons the Moshi VersaCover is the best iPad Air Case

With cases it can be difficult to say which case is the very best, especially with iPhone cases.  Generally with iPad Air cases it is a little easier to define which is the very best case.  It needs to be slimmer, protect the front and back, have the on and off sleep wake function and provide the various viewing and typing angles.  All of this functionality is required while matching the attractive look of the iPad Air.

Our number one pick for the best iPad Air case is quite easy, the Moshi Versacover for iPad Air.  This case is the case we have on all our iPad Airs and we have access to all the best iPad Air cases out there as we sell the OtterBox, Griffin, DODOcase, Speck, Incase, Incipio and other big brand iPad Air cases. It was by far the best iPad 4 case on the market and is now available for iPad Air and iPad mini Retina.

5 Reasons the Versa is # 1 –

1. By far the best stand functionality of all iPad air cases.  Most iPad Air versacover_air_blue_reading_3__32115-1.1385148739.440.440cases have just the landscape viewing angle and the ones that have additional angles are very bulky.  The Moshi Versacover is the thinnest iPad Air case to have all  viewing angles.

2. Locks behind – It seems simple but few cases have the magnet that allows the front flap to lock behind while using the iPad Air.  This keeps you from have to balance the flap while surfing the web, it holds behind perfectly.

3. Sexy – If Apple were to spend more time and resources on their cases they would make a case that looks like this.  The front microfiber material holds up well and feels great while protecting the screen.  On the back, the hard plastic is very scratch resistant and has a soft touch finish to it that adds enough friction to keep it from sliding out of your hands.  The fully translucent plastic also shows off the iPad Air completely which we definitely like.

gray_versacover_ipad_air__14984.1385404062.440.4404. Sleep wake function – Open the front flap and cases turns on.  Close it and it powers off.

5.  Warranty – This case comes with a great one year warranty.  Sometimes plastic cracks and although very rare with this case it has a warranty that will definitely cover you for getting a new one.

You like it?  This case can be purchased from our store with the fastest free shipping that you will find.  Buy the Moshi Versacover for iPad Air here. Check out our video review below to see more.   Not convinced, check out the other best iPad Air cases out there and see what you think.


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