The 5 Best iPad Air Cases so far – Moshi,Griffin,Speck,Incipio,Belkin

Best iPad Air Cases
With the release of each new iPad begins a race to make the best case.  Not all cases are out yet for the iPad Air but many of the best cases have been released.  It can be difficult to say which is the very best as customers are looking for different features and styles.  We have rated our top 5 best iPad Air cases by which cases have been most popular with customers.  Check out the top 5!

versacover_air_blue_reading_3__32115-1.1385148739.440.4401. Moshi Versacover for iPad Air – This case was by far the most popular case for iPad 3 and iPad 4 as it has everything that you could want in an iPad Air Case.  It is slim while still providing front and back protection, provides all viewing angles, has sleep wake functionality and looks great.  There really is nothing bad to say about this case other than the colors choices are not superb.  It is the slimmest iPad Air case you will find with all the viewing angles.  By far the best iPad Air case out there and will likely stay # 1 as other cases are released.

2. Griffin Survivor for iPad Air –  If you want slim, you buy the Moshi GB364043__97039.1384388609.440.440Versacover.  If you want complete protection you buy the Griffin Survivor.  The Survivor has been tested and can resist drops up to 6 feet onto concrete.  It is also water resistant and dust resistant.  Survivor comes in with a built in screen protector that is very responsive and protects the screen. This is the best case iPad Air case if you are looking for all out protection

546763_SFSG_front_large_00__77151-1.1384560296.440.4403. Speck StyleFolio for iPad Air – The Style folio has nothing on the number one Versacover but it is the cheaper option.  It is made of a nice vegan leather that provides some good protection and feels nice.  Stylefolio also comes in several different colors and is a simple quality case.  If you like it, it may be worth waiting for similar types of case that will have the sleep wake functionality.

4. Incipio Watson for iPad Air – The Watson is a very unique design as it is really two cases in one.  This folio type case similar to the Speck StyleFolio includes a hard plastic shell inside that can pop out for a slim case.  This is a nice feature as you don’t always want the bulk of a folio type case.

5. Belkin Formfit – The Belkin Formfit is almost identical to our # 3 pick.  The41+VZRTY-YL._SY300_ biggest difference is that it is a little lighter and has a more plastic feel rather than the vegan leather. Between the two we would pick the Speck but this is a good all around slim folio type case.

More cases are to come out but don’t be surprised if the Moshi Versacover and Griffin Survivor stay at the top.  These cases and many of the other best iPad Air cases can be purchased from with free 2 – 4 day shipping! Check out the video below to see more on our 5 favorite iPad Air cases.

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