5 Best Clear Cases for iPhone 5C – The best cases for showing off your iPhone 5C

Clear iPhone cases are definitely the way to go with your iPhone 5C.  The colors are too fun to cover up with a case but it is nice to have some good protection.  Lots of slim clear cases look like the naked iPhone as many of the case manufacturers have improved clear plastic and rubber like materials.  There are many knock off versions of these cases but particularly with clear plastic, we recommend sticking with the main brands as the plastic is more scratch resistant and is a lot less prone to yellowing.  Here are our top 5 picks for best clear iPhone 5C cases.

spk_a2132_gemshell_for_iphone5c_clear_straightfront3qback_2__49458.1381246943.440.4401. Speck Gemshell  – The Speck Gemshell is most impressive as it is a clear hard plastic case but also has a clear rubber like flexible material around the edges.  This clear rubber like material acts like a bumper and gives good protection while still showing off all sides of your iPhone 5C.

2. Incase Pop Casecl69380_iphn5c_blck_hero2_web__53774.1386269123.440.440 – The Incase Pop has a matte feel to it which adds much more grip to your slippery iPhone 5C.  The matte finish slightly dulls the color but not much at all and can be a good option if the color of your iPhone 5C is a little too bright.  The rubber frame around the case gives added drop protection and created a framed look to your iPhone 5C.

getDynamicImage.aspx__64784.1386187168.440.4403. Case-Mate Naked Tough  – The Case-Mate Naked Tough is just like the name implies, your iPhone 5C is going to look naked but is going to much tougher than a case-less iPhone 5C.   The Naked tough is very slim and is the smooth plastic version of the Incase pop case but with a little more protection with the covered up buttons.  The case pieces   together uniquely as you first put on the bumper and then snap on the clear case.

4. X-Doria Defense 720899833_DFIB_rear_large_01__07681.1378941961.440.440 – The Defense 720 is the most protective of these different clear cases as it comes with a hard plastic screen protector.  This case also has a thicker bumper that provides great drop protection and a flash of color around the edges.  Many of the colors match the iPhone 5C colors or can be mixed up to create a cool color combination with your iPhone 5C.

incipio_ovrmld_iphone5c_case_clear_back5. Incipio OVRMLD – The OVRMLD is almost identical to the Speck Gemshell and worth check out if you like the Gemshell style.  This is an excellent clear case but slightly prefer the Speck version as the hard plastic holds up a little better.  That being said, this case is protective and does a great job of showing off the iPhone 5C.

Go to outfitYOURS.com to see more clear iPhone 5C cases or buy an of these cases with the fastest free shipping.  Watch the video below to see the comparison of these clear iPhone 5C cases.



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