DODOcase Classic – The best iPad Air case made in America

San Francisco – Recently DODOcase released what we believe to be the best iPad Air Case made in the USA.  It may not be our best overall iPad Air case but it is certainly the best made on American soil.

Why so much love for the DODOcase Classic for iPad Air?

1. Striking – The DODOcase looks different from any other iPad Air case out there.  This case is made of Moroccan cloth and gives you the timeless look of the books that we have always loved.  Your iPad Air goes inside a solid bamboo tray that compliments the entire vibe of the book bound case.  The timeless look with your sleek iPad are the perfect combination of style. Buy this case and people are definitely going to be asking about it.

block-perch2.  Functionality – The DODOcase may have a vintage type look but the functionality is not scarified in any way.   With the integrated magnet sleep wake function, the case automatically turns the device on and off with the flip of a cover.  With updated stand modes, you can now use your DODOcase and iPad Air to type and in landscape viewing angles.

block-tray3. Protection – Your iPad Air in the DODOcase Classic will be protected the same
way books have been for centuries but with the added solid bamboo tray which provides lightweight drop protection.  To read more about the impressive protection of the bamboo tray click here.  The elastic strap also goes around the case which keeps your case closed when carrying.

If not convinced on why the DODOcase classic is so great then check out the best iPad Air cases currently available from all the major brands.  If you like it, buy it from our site where you will receive the fastest free shipping and customer service that knows the DODOcase and all the other options.  Also, check out our video review below of the DODOcase classic for iPad Air.

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