Will Mophie fit iPhone 5C and 5S?

We have tested all Mophie iPhone 5 cases with the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S to help customers answer the common questions of “will Mophie work with iPhone 5C and will Mophie work with iPhone 5S?”

1. Mophie iPhone cases do not fit iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C is much more rounded and has different dimensions that makes iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 cases not compatible.  Currently Mophie does not make a Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 5C but it is in the works.  Wait it out and do not buy a Mophie case if you have an iPhone 5C.

2. All Mophie iPhone 5 cases will fit iPhone 5S.  Here at outfitYOURS.com we have tested the Mophie Helium, Mophie Juice Pack Air and the Mophie Juice Pack Plus with the iPhone 5S and found them to be 100 % compatible.  All electronic components work flawlessly, the camera cutout is large enough and the fingerprint ID is fully accessible.  If you want extra battery power then we definitely recommend any of the Mophie iPhone 5S cases.  We have rated the Mophie Juice Pack Plus as best battery case for iPhone 5S.  Watch the video below to see more.  All Mophie iPhone 5S case are available at outfitYOURS.com with free 2 – 4 day shipping and full warranty service as we are one of the few official resellers.  Stay away from fakes and buy from outfitYOURS.com or from  Mophie.com



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