10 Best Cute iPhone 5S Cases – Pretty + Protective

It can be difficult to find cute iPhone 5S cases.  Yes J-Crew and other mall stores sell pretty and cute iPhone 5s cases but these cases generally offer very minimal protection and are prone to breaking within a few weeks. For years case makers have made iPhone cases that are more compelling for men while iPhone cases for women have been few and far between. This last year with the release of iPhone 5S we have seen many more cute iPhone 5S cases for girls and women.  Here are our top 10 best cute iPhone 5S cases and yes we did have women help us make these picks. Note that the majority of these cases are available for iPhone 5C as well.

1.  Sonix Inlay $ 34.95

Sonix Inlay cases are our first choice as they come in several fun designs but also provide some great protection.  With the Inlay you have soft rubber inside a hard plastic frame that provides good drop protection whereas with just a plastic thin case, you not only risk breaking the case but also your iPhone 5S.  The plastic of this case is also has a scratch resistant glossy shell that doesn’t scratch up like most plastic cases.  As for the patterns the options are endless. If you are looking for cute iPhone 5s cases then Sonix will be your go to brand.


2. Mophie Juice Pack Heliumjph_ip5_prp_blk_ip5_front_back_3qtr_2000px_1__85139.1380218450.440.440.jpg.html

Named in Oprah’s list of “Favorite Things 2013 List” the Mophie Juice Pack  Helium is quite the unique cute case.  Not only does this case come in a pretty or pink soft touch finish but this case also adds 80 % additional battery to your iPhone 5S.  This sleek and light battery case also has a raised bezel which provides impressive drop protection.  Mophie is by far the best battery case brand and with the release of these new colors, this is definitely a great choice for a cute iPhone 5S case with additional battery.helium-ip5-side-0827133. Hex cases

Hex iPhone 5S cases are made of premium materials and textures. They are not quite as protective as the the previous cases but they are more lightweight and snap on to your iPhone.  These cut iPhone 5S cases have the raised bezel which protects your screen and a stylish Hex logo at the bottom of each case.  Hex iPhone cases are made from a custom molded plastic phone bed that is then wrapped in premium leather or waxed canvas.

Hex4. Incase Snap 

Incase has teamed up with artists and brands like Andy Warhol and Volcom to make some really unique and cute iPhone 5S cases.  These are the highest quality snap cases with some funky print and designs.  For some more cute and more neutral type cases Incase also has the hearts collection and Incase stripes collection.  These are easy snap on cases with a raised bezel that protect the screen when laying or falling face down.  This is very durable plastic that holds up well and protects.

5. Belkin Orla Kiely

Like Incase, Belkin teamed up with artist Orla Kiely the fashion designer and created the Orla Kiely cases which are high quality slim and protective cases with fashionable designs.  Made of soft glossy coating these design have great pop to them.  The Orla Kiely cases are more of a flexible compares to the Incase snap cases.mtembb0k1_IsCPfrEaRj59A

6. Sena Leather Cases

Sena Leather cases are made of European leather and come in many styles and designs. If leather is your thing, Sena is by far the best choice as they are the highest quality and have the most options.  Wallet cases and other snap type cases made with leather often times provide more protection than plastic as leather has great absorption while remaining relatively thin.  We like Sena as well for the vast color options that are bright and attractive.  This is not your usual plastic type leather case.

7. Case-Mate Glam Cases

Looking for more flashy cute iPhone 5S cases?  The Case-Mate Glam cases are made of hard plastic inly design with a dynamic sparkle created through a unique finish process.  The glam has a smooth surface and the sparkle is not going to rub off like your old glue and glitter crafts.  The glam comes in champagne, silver and black diamond.  Definitely a glamorous case made to protect your iPhone 5s.



8. Speck FabShell 

Whether you like the style of Burton or a more traditional striped case, the Speck Fabshell comes in a variety of patterns and colors that fit a younger crowd.  Speck was one of the first major iPhone case companies to make cases for girls and the Fabshell has been very popular.  These cases are made with a flexible one piece plastic frame that is covered with patterned fabric.  You could say that this and the number one rated case are the most protective of all the cute case options.

speck-fabshell-fabric-iphone5cases9. X-Doria cases

Similar to the Speck Fabshell, X-Doria has created several case options that are protective and are made with a cloth exterior.  These come in stripes or polka dots or even semi transparent cases with designs that also allow your iPhone to shine through. These cute iPhone 5S cases are made to look great with whichever iPhone 5S color you choose.


10. Griffin Separates

Brands like Griffin are now creating cases for women that want to show off their gold iPhone 5s.  With the Griffin Separates the gold shines through and matches perfectly the different patterns.  With the transparent hard plastic and the crisp contrasting graphics this case will definitely grab attention.  Griffin also has created matching wallpapers so that both front and back match flawlessly.


So there you have it for our picks of the best pretty and cute iPhone 5S cases for women and girls.  Have we forgot any? Please let us know in the comments below.  Find one you like?  All of these cases are available at the links above and can be purchased from outfitYOURS.com with free 2 to 4 day shipping and customer service that can help you pick the right case.  Also go to our site page dedicated strictly to cute iPhone 5S cases.


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