Do hard cases scratch your MacBook? – Yes and No

caseunibodyMacBook Pro and MacBook Air are expensive which is why their owners want to do the best they can to take care of them. One of the best ways to keep your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air looking brand new is with a hard plastic MacBook cases that covers everywhere other than the screen.  The questions then arises “do hard cases scratch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air?”

Yes and no.   It sounds counterintuitive to put a case that is intended to protect while also risking the cases itself could scratch your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. There are some junky no name brands that make hardshell cases that can damage your MacBook due to poor mold shape and imperfections that can scratch your machine.  We recommend you stick to the four main hardshell manufacturers Moshi, Incase, Speck and Incipio and this will not be an issue.

Buying the right case is not the only issue in keeping your MacBook scratch free. If not taken care of correctly, sand and other dust materials left between your hardshell case and MacBook for an extended period of time can scratch your machine.  Hard plastic cases sit tightly to your machine and small materials can gradually wear off the aluminum finish of your MacBook.   If you are going to use a hardshell case, you must take the case off and clean it at least once a month to avoid your MacBook from being scratched.

As for snapping on the hard case, your MacBook will not be damaged if installed correctly.  The pieces of plastic that touch your macbook will generally be rounded and are not sharp pieces that could scratch the aluminum.  Follow the installation directions and clean your machine once a month and you can keep your MacBook looking brand new.

We like hardshell cases because they do protect against scratches and are great peace of mind as they stay on your device.  They do provide some minor drop protection as well although they are not the best for that.  For something a little more protective in protecting your Macbook I would recommend checking out the Sena Folio or Moshi codex.  Another option would be to check out the different MacBook sleeves.

For all other case and cover options, go to and shop Mac.


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