Will iPhone cases fit iPod touch? A few will

There are a lot more case options for iPhone than there are for iPod touch which is why customers often ask, “will iPhone cases fit iPod touch?“.

The iPhone and iPod touch may appear to be the same size but they do have slightly different dimensions.  As you can see in the graphic below, iPod touch 5th generation is just slightly thinner.  This dimensional difference is just large enough that most iPhone cases will not fit iPod touch.  This applies to iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 cases that are form fitted plastic or rubber materials.  These will not work with iPod touch 5th generation or any other iPod touch model. iPod touch 5G also has a wrist strap connector which would also be covered with iPhone cases.

Will iPhone cases fit iPod touch?

The only iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 covers that will work for iPod touch are sleeves that are not form fitted like the Sena Ultraslim  or the Incase leather pouch .  If you are looking for form fitted iPod touch cases that are similar to iPhone then I would recommend checking out our review of the 5 best iPod touch cases.

There are several case options for iPod touch that are the same style as the popular iPhone cases.  Not only will these cases fit iPod touch perfectly but they also have a cut out for the wrist strap connector so that you can use your wrist strap while your case is on.  This also looks great if you have one of the bright colored iPods.  Click on any of the iPod cases below to learn more and see full video reviews. As you will see, there are several great case options for your iPod touch.  It is not worth trying to make a iPhone case fit iPod touch.  Let us know if we missed any of your favorite iPod touch cases.

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