5 Best OtterBox Defender Alternatives – Slimmer / Protective

Your first iPhone case was probably the OtterBox Defender and like others you are looking for something different.  There are a lot of great OtterBox Defender alternatives and this post will show your our five favorites.   OtterBox may have been one of the first to make the protective iPhone case but a lot of great cases have been made since.

OtterBox Defender Alternatives

One of the most common questions we get here at outfitYOURS.com is a customer explaining they have used the OtterBox but they need something different. Keep in mind that we sell the Defender and hear a lot from our customers.  Common complaints for the OtterBox Defender are that the rubber starts to peel off, the built in screen protector limits touch sensitivity, too bulky, annoying rubber flaps, collects lint, nearly impossible to take off and it is difficult to remove out of your pocket.  People can get a little too picky with their cases but we wanted to show you 5 protective iPhone case alternatives to OtterBox Defender.  These 5 cases will protect against 6 foot drops and have some great features not available with OtterBox Defender.

OtterBox Defender Alternatives1. Spigen Tough Armor – You are going to like the Spigen case as it is quite thin and sexy.  Tough armor feels almost half as thick as OtterBox Defender and is substantially lighter.  The basic structure is a rubber body with a reinforced backplate.  This dual combination is protective but also keeps the plastic on the outside which allows you remove your iPhone from your pocket.  The back plate plastic also has a nice metallic finish that looks very nice.  Spigen Tough Armor fits into the protective category while still being thin as it has air cushion technology which means there are slight air pockets inside that act as an extra cushion.  This case does not come with a built in screen protector which we actually prefer as you can buy a separate protector that will be much more responsive and protective.  We prefer the Moshi iVisor glass or the BodyGuardz Pure.

2. Griffin Survivor Slim – The regular Griffin Survivor is actually more protective than OtterBox Defender Alternativethe Defender while the Survivor Slim is the thinner version.  Many customers choose the slim for it’s excellent drop protection.  It is slimmer than the Defender while still providing equal drop protection as this case is military approved.  It is a hard plastic interior with rubber exterior similar to the Defender, although we have found the rubber of this case to hold up better.   Survivor slim is slim through the middle while providing the greatest protection on the corners.

OtterBox Defender Alternative3. Systm Chisel – Systm is a newer protective case brand that is made by Incase.  The Systm Chisel is like a slightly more drop protective version of the Spigen Tough Armor.  This case incorporates the design of soft on the inside and hard on the outside.  What most impresses us with this case is the full layer of PORON XRD which is a absorption material that really adds a lot of drop protection.  We also like that this case is super easy to put on and take off and with Incase you know the case is going to look good.

4.  X-Doria Defense 720° – A lesser know brand but impressive nonetheless, X-Doria OtterBox Defender Alternativemade the Defense to be the most protective clear case out there.  This case shows off your  iPhone while putting all the protection along the edges.  Defense is also unique in that you have the option of using the built in screen protector or not.  This will give you full protection or you can remove it when not necessary.   Buy this case if you want the protection and to show off your iPhone.

OtterBox Defender Alternative5. TYLT BUMPR – Speaking of options, the TYLT BUMPR gives you the choice of full protection or a slimmer case all in one case.  The BUMPR is a slimmer case with a separate bumper that can be easily slipped over the slim case and provide full drop protection.  The BUMPR is made of co-molded TPE and PC material that slips easily out of the pocket while still adding some grip to the case.  We also like the attractive color combinations and design of all TYLT cases.  Buy this case if you like the options of dressing down and later having all out protection.

All of these cases are available at the links above.  Not only will you support our blog buying from our site but you will also get free 2 – 4 day shipping.  There are a lot of other Defender alternatives available here.  To learn more about these five cases you can also watch the video below.


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