DODOcase Elemental iPad mini Retina Case Review

DODOcase Elemental iPad mini Retina CaseDODOcase makes some of the most unique looking iPad cases. The DODOcase Elemental iPad mini Retina case is no exception.  If you are not familiar with DODOcase they are San Francisco case makers that design and produce their cases right here in the US.  These are the iPad cases that look like a book with a book binding moroccan cloth on the outside and a bamboo tray on the inside.  We love the combination of simple with your the modern look of iPad.  Not only do we love DODOcase but these cases have ranked best iPad case in several different reviews.

The DODOcase Elemental iPad mini Retina Case is made with all the features that have made DODOcase so popular.  They have taken this popular design and added an artistic touch.  The Elemental was made to show the classical greek elements.  The elements are water, air, earth and fire.  The ancient greeks believed these four elements to be the key to survival and life.  Every DODOcase Elemental iPad mini Retina case features the very colorful exterior with a unique screen print design inside.

As for the functionality you can actually do quite a lot of with this case.  The Elemental has a strap that allows for landscape viewing.  It can also be folded into typing mode.  The elastic strap also allows for easy securing of the iPad closed.  When opened the DODOcase Elemental quickly turns on your iPad mini Retina with the magnetic sleep wake functionality. Close the Elemental and your iPad turns off automatically.  A camera cutout also adds quick photo and video accessibility.

With the classic look of DODOcase mixed with the element theme your case is definitely going to grab some attention.   All four colors of the DODOcase Elemental Case for iPad mini Retina are available at with free 2 – 4 day shipping.  You can order the case from DODOcase but you will have to wait for 2 – 3 weeks to receive it.  Click below on the photos to see more pictures of the case that most grabs your eye.

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