How to Remove OtterBox Defender – 3 Easiest Steps

In this post we show you how to remove OtterBox Defender.  This guide will apply whether you have Defender for iPhone 4/ 4s or iPhone 5S / 5. Don’t worry you are not the only one trying to take your Defender off your iPhone.   Here at the 5 key steps on how to remove OtterBox Defender.  You may also want to watch the video demonstration below.

1.  Remove the Rubber from hard plastic inside

How to remove OtterBox Defender

This can be the most difficult part of removing the OtterBox Defender. You put the case on so you know that the case is made with a soft rubber material and a hard plastic frame inside.  Take your fingernail or a credit card and slip it in between the rubber and plastic edge on the front of the case.  Then pull the soft rubber out as you try and peel the whole rubber piece off of the hard plastic.  We found this to be the easiest in the very middle on the right edge when the screen is facing you.  This is where the rubber has the least amount of pressure.  The Defender rubber will start to slip off and it will become easier to remove this part.  Be careful particularly around the top of the case as there are several parts where the rubber is attached.  You do not want to rip the rubber part of the case.  You should now have just the plastic part of the case.

2. Separate Two Pieces of Hard Plastic

How to remove OtterBox Defender

With just the plastic part of the case you need to now separate the front and the back.  This is done by releasing the two side buttons simultaneously.  Make sure that you are pressing them the right direction and if done correctly the case will pop open.  Watch the video below to better understand this step as it can be difficult to explain.  Be careful to not apply any pressure on the built in screen protector as that can cause it to break.

3. Pop Your iPhone Out

Now for the easiest part.  Your iPhone sits in one side of the plastic.  With a simple slap into your palm the iPhone should fall out of the one side.  Do this in a place where it will not fall down onto a hard surface and break. Hopefully this successfully showed you how to remove OtterBox Defender.  Let us know if it did not and we can help you out.

Now the question is are you sure you want to do that again?  If you want to check out cases that are much easier to put on or take off check our blog post on 5 OtterBox Defender alternatives



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