MacBook Case or Sleeve? Sleeve vs Case

You want to protect your MacBook Pro but now you must decide MacBook case or sleeve.  There are many key differences that are important when deciding to buy a MacBook case or sleeve.  MacBook case is generally referring to hard case and MacBook sleeve implies a cover that you slide your MacBook into.  In this post we will discuss these major differences and provide 3 reasons to buy a MacBook case and 3 reasons to buy a MacBook sleeve.

3 Reasons to Buy a MacBook Case –

1. Protection 100 % of the time – With a MacBook case your MacBook will always be protected being that MacBook cases are made to allow full use of your MacBook while the case is on. MacBook Cases can keep your MacBook looking perfect years after you buy it.   For greater drop protection check out why to buy a sleeve below.

MacBook Case or sleeve2. Personalization – MacBook cases come in dozens of colors and styles that show off your MacBook with your favorite color

3. Added grip – All MacBook Pro models can be slippery but many cases are made with a soft touch finish.  This soft touch finish adds extra texture that keeps your MacBook from slipping out of your hands.

3 Reasons to buy a MacBook Sleeve

1.  Better Drop Protection – With your MacBook inside a sleeve your case will be much better protected against drops.  The majority of MacBook sleeves are made with sufficient padding to protect against normal use drops whereas cases will usually crack and possibly damage your MacBook

2. Show off your MacBook – With a sleeve you are able to protect your MacBook while MacBook Case or sleevecarrying it around. Once you are ready to use your machine you are often in a place where you are at less risk of damage.  Take your MacBook out of the sleeve and show off that sexy machine.

3. Cheaper – MacBook sleeves are generally $40 whereas MacBook cases generally run around $50.

So what do you think, should you buy a MacBook case or sleeve?  Click the links below to find a MacBook case or sleeve for your MacBook model. Also watch the video below to see more in depth insights between buying a MacBook case or sleeve.

11″ MacBook Air Cases  – 11″ MacBook Air Sleeves

13″ MacBook Air Cases13″ MacBook Air Sleeves

13″ MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display Cases – 13″ MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display Sleeves

15″ MacBook Pro w / Retina Display Cases – 15″ MacBook w / Retina Display Cases

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