Moshi Concerti iPad Air Case – 5 Reasons we love this

Moshi Concerti iPad Air Case is our favorite iPad Air Folio Case.  In this review we are going to give 5 reasons why we and so many of our customers love Moshi Concerti iPad Air case.

Moshi Concerti ipad Air Case1. Versatility – Moshi Concerti is one of the few iPad Air cases on the market that allows for both landscape and portrait viewing modes.  Not only does Concerti have this feature but it also does so with out adding any bulk.  Lot of portrait mode iPad Air cases add extra bulk for this feature but this case is an exception.  The rotating swivel works perfectly for changing viewing modes.

2. Hidden handle – With Moshi Concerti iPad Air case you may not even notice butMoshi Concerti iPad Air Case handle inside it has a micro fiber handle for easy presenting with your iPad Air.  Like with the swivel design we especially like that this does not get in the way of regular use but can be quickly accessed when needed.  There is no ugly handle on the back of this case.

3. Protection – Moshi Concerti is the more protective version of the very popular Moshi Versacover iPad Air case.  Concerti is made with a water resistant exterior and a soft microfiber interior.  With this case you can expect plenty of drop protection for everyday use while stilling maintaining a relatively slim look and feel.

Moshi Concerti IPad Air case4. Elastic strap – On the front of the Moshi Concerti iPad Air case there is an elastic strap that can fold over the case and keep it closed and protected.  Not only does this make the Concerti more secure but it also has a loop for a stylus or a pen.

5. Sleep / Wake – With Moshi Concerti iPad Air case you can open or close the case and it will quickly turn off or turn off your iPad.

The Moshi Concerti iPad Air case has all the features you could ever hope for without them getting in the way of regular use of your iPad Air.  There are many iPad Air handles cases but they are made to only be used as a handle case.  Moshi Concerti for iPad  Air features the options but is still a great case for the person who wants it simple.

Moshi Concerti iPad Air case is available here with free 2 – 4 day shipping!






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