Gold iPhone 5S Cases – 5 Best Cases for Gold iPhone 5S

Gold iPhone 5s cases have become very popular since the release of the gold iPhone 5S.  Many owners of the gold iPhone quickly recognize the importance of cases as the gold iPhone 5S most shows scratches and dings.  In this post we are going to show the best gold iPhone 5S cases and cases for gold iPhone 5S.  Not all of these cases are completely gold as clear cases can also be a great option for showing off your new iPhone.Gold iPhone 5S Case

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Gold iPhone 5S case

No this case is not gold itself but it is our favorite for showing off Spigen Gold iPhone 5S caseyour gold iPhone.  The Ultra hybrid is made of a crystal clear hard plastic that may leave others wondering if you have a case at all.  The outer edge is made with a clear TPU bumper that provides good protection and also is completely transparent.  If you want to show off the iPhone completely then this is the gold iPhone 5S case for you.

2. Gold mophie juice pack air

Mophie makes the best battery cases on the market.  We are most Gold mophie iPhone 5s caseimpressed with how well this gold iPhone 5S case matches the gold iPhone.  The soft touch gold finish looks really nice and this case is still impressively slim for adding 100 % additional battery.  If you want to go with a battery case then check out our post on the best iPhone 5S battery cases and see why mophie is our favorite.  If you want a gold iPhone 5S case and need the battery then without a doubt this is your case.

3. Griffin Survivor Clear Case for Gold iPhone 5S

Griffin Survivor Clear Case for gold iPhone 5SThe Survivor clear is another clear case that does a wonderful job of showing off your gold iPhone 5S.  This case is a favorite because it is the most protective clear iPhone 5S case.  Survivor clear protects the corners with a soft rubber bumper material.  Made of clear plastic the Survivor clear also protects against scratches and dings.  If you need a little more protection than our first pick then the Survivor Clear is a great option for a gold iPhone 5S case.

4.  Spigen Tough Armor Gold iPhone 5S case

Tough Armor is the new protective case on the market that has Spigen Gold iphone 5S caseOtterBox worried.  Tough Armor provides as much drop protection as Otterbox Defender but is much slimmer and prettier.  We love the gold finish on this gold iPhone 5S case and it looks good with the black rubber accents as well.  Pick this case if you drop your iPhone often and love the gold.

5. Moshi Armour Gold iPhone 5S Case 

Moshi Armour Gold iPhone 5S caseThe Armour does not match the gold iPhone 5S as well as the mophie and Spigen but it actually looks really nice with the gold iPhone 5S.  The color tone is a little more bronze looking but the combination of the gold and bronze type color look really sleek.  This is the slimmest of our five gold iPhone 5S cases and will protect against scratches and occasional falls.  If you like slim and light then this is the gold iPhone 5S case for you.

All of these gold iPhone 5S cases can be purchased at the link above or we also have a category showing exclusively gold iPhone 5S case. Order from with free shipping and your gold case will deliver to your door within 2 – 4 days.  For more information watch the Youtube video below as we show you the 5 best gold iPhone 5S cases.

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