Incase Frame for iPhone 5S Review – Minimalistic + Protective

With the release of the Incase Frame for iPhone 5S Incase has taken a new approach on bumper cases.  Incase Frame for iPhone 5S review

Why we like it

  • Light and minimalistic
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Attractive color combinations
  • Protective while maintaining slimness
  • Impressive drop protection

Why you may not like it

  • iPhone can still be scratched by keys or other objects(drops should be ok)

Most case makers appear to be moving away from the bumper style as bumpers are known to scratch the iPhone and can be difficult to remove. Incase created the Incase Frame which combines hard plastic and a soft rubber material.  The combination of hard and soft creates a bumper that does not scratch the phone and allows for easy removal or putting on of the case. Most iPhone bumper cases are two hard plastic pieces that snap together to create a bumper whereas Incase Frame for iPhone 5S is a single piece that provides protection to iPhone 5S in the most important areas.

Yes it looks fairly simple but that is what we most like about this case.  Incase Frame for iPhone 5S has a raised bezel bumper on both the front and back which protects against drops.  With this case you can show off your iPhone and still have it protected.  We also like the different color combinations available.  Incase Frame for iPhone 5S comes in slate / fluro green, black / slate and white / gray. Select the color you most like below.  All of these colors will look great with whichever iPhone 5S or iPhone you have. Click below on the one you like best to seem more pictures.

All colors of the Incase Frame for iPhone 5S are available at with free 2 – 4 day shipping.  To see more of this case watch the video below where we review Incase Frame for iPhone 5S.

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