Best iPad Air Screen Protector? – Zagg? BodyGuardz? Moshi?

Selecting the best iPad Air screen protector can be difficult as there are so many options out there. Customers often call and ask, “What is the best iPad Air screen protector?” Here at we sell Zagg, Bodyguardz, Moshi as the 3 brands are the best of the best.   Our pick for best iPad Air screen protector is Moshi iVisor XT as it is the easiest to install, bubble free and has the highest clarity compared to the other competing brands.  Yes we do sell the other brands but Moshi iVisor XT is the screen protector we use and recommend.

Moshi iVisor XT is the best iPad Air screen protectorWhy is Moshi iVisor XT the best iPad Air screen protector?

1. Installation – iPad Air screen protectors can be difficult to install. Screen protectors even when applied correctly often have bubbles and make you want to get rid of the screen protector completely.  Moshi iVisor XT is by far the easiest screen protector to install(just watch the review below).  With the stiffness(think sheet of glass)  of this thin screen protector all you do is line up the edges / home button and then apply pressure when everything is lined up.  It is impossible to get bubbles so no more running your credit card along the screen to get them out.  If you messed up lining up the edges, Moshi iVisor XT can be removed and reapplied.  Really though, watch the video at the bottom.

2. Touch sensitivity – You bought the iPad Air for the touch screen and a screen protector is not worth giving up functionality.  Moshi iVisor XT is made with a MicroGrid technology.  I don’t know how that works but it does.  Zagg, BodyGuardz and others are just about there with full functionality but even still particularly with bubbles you do lose some touch responsiveness.

3. Clarity -With the new Retina display you want to take full advantage of that beautiful screen. iVisor XT is crystal clear and bubble free. Often times you will forget if you even have a screen protector.  People have even asked me why I didn’t have a screen protector when I actually had the XT on.

4. Protection – No the Moshi iVisor XT cannot withstand hammers and bowling balls dropped on it(see Zagg commercials) but it will protect against keys or any other every day type object that could scratch your screen.  If you are wanting to hit your screen with hammers, go with Zagg or Bodyguardz but you may be giving up functionality. Moshi iVisor XT is perfect for the everyday normal iPad Air user.

Best Anti-glare iPad Air screen protector?

Moshi iVisor is also made in the Anti Glare version called Moshi iVisor AG. We would recommend it as the best Anti Glare iPad Air screen protector as it has all the qualities of the iVisor XT but with the anti glare matte finish like a Kindle.  This is the best iPad Air screen protector if you are using your iPad outside most of the time.

Convinced that the Moshi iVisor XT is the best iPad  screen protector?  If so, yes it is available on our site in black and white and will be shipped to your door in 2 -4 days with free shipping.   If not convinced you may want to check out Zagg and Bodyguardz screen protectors.  Watch the video below to see more details on why Moshi iVisor XT is the best iPad Air screen protector.




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