Moshi Versakeyboard Review – Most Versatile iPad Air Keyboard Case

In our Moshi Versakeyboard review we found this iPad Air keyboard case to be like no other.  This case is so impressive it was even included in the top 5  best iPad Air keyboard cases.Moshi Versakeyboard Review

What we like

  • Keyboard is full size of iPad Air for comfortable typing
  • Origami folding cover for all viewing / typing modes
  • Lighter than other name brand keyboard cases
  • Protects front and back
  • Sleep / Wake functionality
  • Keyboard can be stored out of the way
  • Front flaps folds behind and is secured with magnets

Possible reasons to look at other cases

  • If you prefer a case with an attached keyboard

Moshi VersakeyboardAs we did our Moshi Versakeyboard Review we found this case to be the most functional of all keyboard cases out there.  Up until now almost all brands have stuck to a keyboard case design that has a front cover with a keyboard inside that opens up next to the iPad.  This design can be nice but it does make your iPad strictly a device for typing.

We like the the functionality of Moshi Versakeyboard. You can take your keyboard out of the back of the case and type away when desired. If you are browsing the internet and not needing the keyboard you can tuck it away behind and forget it is even there.  The magnetized fold behind flap also allows for the case to be open and be comfortably held. The keyboard that is slide back behind lies completely flat and allow for easy table use of just the iPad when not typing.

Moshi Versakeyboard is based off of the very popular design of Moshi Versacover for Moshi Versakeyboard ReviewiPad Air which has the design of the origami folding front cover.  This design makes the Moshi Versakeyboard one of the only keyboard cases out there that has landscape, portrait and typing angles.  The front cover automatically turns on and off with sleep / wake functionality. Bluetooth pairing is automatic and the battery lasts ups to 6 months without being charger.  To learn more about this impressive keyboard case checkout our Moshi Versakeyboard review below.  Moshi Versakeyboard is available at our site with free 2 – 4 day shipping and full warranty.  If you are not impressed checkout the other iPad Air keyboard cases.





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