Top 5 Best Armbands for iPhone 5S / 5 – Incase, Griffin, Belkin, Adidas, Puregear

The best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5 include armbands made by Incase, Griffin, Puregear and Belkin.  When selecting the best iPhone armband it is important to first decide how you will be using it. Our picks for best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5 were selected as the best all around armbands which will be great for jogging, using at the gym or other forms of exercise.  An armband for iPhone 5S / 5 allows you use your phone will on the go and we most like the armbands that allow for quick easy access while also being secure on your arm.  There are tons of armbands out there but take a look at pros and cons of each iPhone armband and choose the best one for you.  It may be hard to notice all the key features so we do recommending watch our video at the bottom reviewing the 5 best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5.IMG_7201

1. Incase Sports Armband Deluxe for iPhone 5S / 5

Incase Sports Armband Deluxe best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5This is our number one pick among the best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5 as it allows for the easiest use of your iPhone compared to all other armbands.  Most armbands feature a design where your iPhone is encased inside a closed up sleeve that can make it difficult to text or email while the iPhone is stuck to your bicep.  Incase Sports Armband Deluxe has a detachable case that quickly releases from the armband which makes this the most functional of all the armbands.

  • Pros – Most functional armband, full touch screen ability, reflective
  • Cons – Doesn’t protect screen (can be used with screen protectors)

2. PureGear PureMove Sports Armband for iPhone 5S / 5Puregear Puremove for iPhone 5S / 5 best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5

The Puremove is almost identical to the Incase armband except that it does not detach your iPhone when needed.  Although lacking in this aspect this does have a few features the Incase does not.  We like that it comes with a cord organizer for your headphones and that it does come in sizes for men and women.  We would still recommend the Incase Sports Armband Deluxe unless the detaching feature is not important to you.

Pros – Lightweight, cord organizer, reflective design, men’s / women’s sizes

Cons – Does not detach like # 1 armband

3. Incase Sports Armband for iPhone 5S / 5

Incase Armband for iPhone 5S / 5 is one of the best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5Yes another Incase Armband.  It may seem biased to have Incase featured twice in the top 5 but Incase has been making iPhone armbands longer than any other company.  The Incase Sports Armband is our favorite of the common design that covers the screen with a thin plastic and has a neoprene material armband behind.  Although some touch abilities are slightly hindered we found the Incase to have the most responsive touch screen when in the armband.  It is easy to slip your iPhone inside before a jog and then remove it when finished.  Although not as functional as the Deluxe version (see #1) some people do prefer the added protection of the screen particularly if you are jogging in the rain.  As for the armband itself it is almost identical to the deluxe with reflective designs and sweat proof protections. If you like this type of design then this is the best armband for you as it is better than # 4 and # 5.

Pros – Screen protection, most touch sensitive screen cover, keeps water out, reflective design

Cons – Harder to text than # 1 case

4. Griffin Adidas Micoach Armband for iPhone 5S / 5Griffin MiCoach Adidas Armband for iPhone 5 & iPod touch 5G

Griffin teamed up with Adidas to give us the most simple of the iPhone armbands.  We like that this is super light weight and does include a little slit for a key.  This is the lightest of the armbands and is less expensive than the others.  Not quite the quality you would expect from a brand like Adidas but still a lot better than most iPhone armbands out there.

Pros – Most lightweight and thin, less expensive, key pocket

Cons – Cheaper quality, not as touch sensitive, fit is not 100 % perfect although still works

5. Belkin Sport Fit Armband for iPhone 5S / 5

Belkin Sport Fit Armband for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black / GrayThe least expensive of all the best iPhone 5S / 5 armbands, the Belkin is another simple but good all around armband.  We like that it comes in several color options.  Although not as touch sensitive as the Incase armband this armband still allows you to easily change your songs and send out a short text.

Pros – Least expensive, sweat proof design, color options

Cons – Not as touch sensitive

All of the best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5 are available from our site and ship with free 2 – 4 day shipping and a one year warranty.  To learn more about these armbands watch our video below of the top 5 best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5.

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