Best iPhone 5S cases for protection

The best iPhone 5S cases for protection include cases that are waterproof, dust proof, drop proof and more.  It really comes down to how much protection you are looking for.  We show you our picks of best iPhone 5s cases for protection starting with number one to number five.  Keep in mind that in choosing the case for you it really depends on how you will be using your iPhone and what type of protection you need.

1. Griffin Survivor Catalyst

Griffin Survivor CatalystSurvivor Catalyst is waterproof down to 9 feet, dust proof, military approved drop proof and still relatively thin.  There are a lot of other competing waterproof cases but we most like this one as it very rarely muffles calls (the least of all waterproof cases) and it has the most responsive touch screen.  We also like the attachable arm strap.  If you are protecting against water then this case is definitely the best choice.  Just watch our review of the best waterproof cases to see for yourself.

2.  Spigen Tough ArmorSpigen Tough Armor

Yes it sounds nice to have a case that protects against everything but we find a good all around protective case like Tough armor is what customers are often most happy about.  This case will provide plenty of drop protection, looks good and is a lot less expensive than the other options.

3. Griffin Survivor

Griffin Survivor protective iPhone caseIf you want the ultimate drop protecting case then Griffin Survivor is the way to go.  This case may be a little over the top but it sure does add peace of mind in situations where you could break your iPhone.  The built in screen protector also adds some nice protection. Of the best iPhone 5s cases for protection this is the most all around protective

4. Incipio Atlas IDIncipio Atlas ID protective case for iPhone 5S

If you are using an iPhone 5S and love the new fingerprint ID then the Atlas ID is the case for you.  Although this case is not quite as muffle proof as Survivor Catalyst, this case does allow full use of the fingerprint ID and is fully waterproof.

5. X-Doria Defense 720

X-Doria Defense 720If you want protection but to still show off your iPhone 5S then this is the case.  This case is drop protective and comes with a built in screen protector that can be removed or used depending on your protection needed.  Defense 720 looks like a regular type case while providing more protection than most cases out there.


These and all other best iPhone 5S cases for protection are all available here with free 2 – 4 day shipping!

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