Best iPhone 6 Cases Already Available – Spigen,Speck,Incipio,Puregear,UAG

iPhone 6 cases are now available and we have checked out all iPhone 6 cases out there.  We have come up with the list of best iPhone 6 cases that are now available.  The list of best iPhone 6 cases includes cases made by Spigen, Speck, Incipio, Puregear and UAG.  Several others brands also have iPhone 6 cases already available including Case-Mate, Ballistic, Hex and others.  We take a look at every case and what makes it worth buying.

1. Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 6 Case

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone 6The Tough Armor is one of the most protective iPhone 6 cases that is still relatively slim. Made with Air Cushion technology this case creates an air pocket for an extra layer of protection.  We particularly like the look and feel of this scratch resistant case that continues to look brand new after being used for several months.  Made of premium TPU and polycarbonate this case really matches the Apple look and comes in a lot of different colors.

2. Speck CandyShell iPhone 6 Case 

The Speck CandyShell is one of the most popular iPhone cases ever made and the Speck CandyShell iPhone 6 CaseCandyShell for iPhone 6 is not exception.  With a co-molded rubber and plastic duo this case can withstand everyday drops while being slightly thinner than the Tough Armor.  Like the other 5 of the best iPhone 6 cases, CandyShell has a raised bezel that protects the screen when laying facing down or dropping onto the front of the screen.  We particularly like the unique color combinations available. CandyShell also comes in different options including CandyShell Grip, CandyShell Card and CandyShell Inked.

3. Incipio DualPro

Incipio DualPro iPhone 6 caseIncipio DualPro is one of the cheaper options of the best iPhone 6 Cases although it is still just as good in quality.  DualPro is similar to the others with the soft rubber hard plastic combo but it does come in a soft touch finish that we particularly like.  This allows you to keep your iPhone from sliding out of your hand while still allowing easy removal out of  your pocket. If the soft touch feel is important to you then this is the case for you.  If it is not super important to you then we would recommend the previous two cases.

4. PureGear Hip Case + Clip for iPhone 6

Unlike any of the other best iPhone 6 cases, this PureGear case is a belt clip, kickstand and PureGear Hip Case + Clip for iPhone 6
protective case all in one.  While sometimes cases try to be too much this case is relatively slim and simply integrates the many features.  The kickstand is transformed into a belt clip and you can take calls while completely attached.   Like the Incipio DualPro this case also has the soft touch finish that is scratch resistant and provides a touch of extra grip.

5. UAG iPhone 6 Case

UAG iPhone 6 CaseThe UAG iPhone 6 Case has the most military look out of the best iPhone 6 cases.  With oversized tactile buttons and an armor shell this case also provides impressive drop protection.  Small ridges provides extra grip along the edges and a crystal clear screen protector is included.  If you like the look of this case it will provide the same protection as the other best iPhone 6 cases.

Though these may currently be the best iPhone 6 cases lot of brands like Incase, Moshi, Mophie, Hex, Sena, Griffin and others will soon be releasing their iPhone 6 cases.  All of the best iPhone 6 cases listed here are available at the links above with free 2-4 day shipping and a one year warranty.  As these cases are very popular there are a lot of fakes out there which is why we recommend buying from an authorized reseller like  To shop for different types of iPhone 6 cases check out the different categories including protective cases, slim cases, slim/protective cases, clear cases, screen protectors and cute cases.

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5 Best iPhone 6 Cases already available
We take a look at the 5 best iPhone 6 cases that are already available. This list includes iPhone 6 cases made by Spigen, Speck, Incipio, Puregear, UAG and references brands like OtterBox, Griffin, Mophie, Belkin and others.
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