iPhone 6 Plus Does Not Bend…..

Tons of people are asking us “does iPhone 6 Plus bend?”  The secret is out, the iPhone 6 Plus can bend in certain situations.  If you don’t believe it just check out the Youtube videos of bending iPhone 6 Plus.  So now the question comes of how to prevent iPhone 6 from bending.

How to keep iPhone 6 Plus from bending

As seen in all the photos and videos of bent iPhones, the iPhone 6 Plus bends right below the volume buttons.  The bend is generally very small but you definitely want to keep it from bending as this could case your iPhone to have some serious problems.  As seen in our video above, even a thin plastic snap case can prevent iPhone 6 plus from bending.  Rubber cases have a little give to them and may still allow iPhone 6 plus to bend.  iPhone 6 Plus cases are just barely coming out but many “unbendable cases” are already available.  If you have any questions on whether an iPhone 6 Plus case will prevent your iPhone from bending email us at info@outfitYOURS.com and we will let you know within a few hours.  To checkout all unbendable case options checkout all the brands available of the best iPhone 6 Plus cases.

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