Incase iPhone 6 Cases and Incase iPhone 6 Plus cases are coming!

brand_incase-1Incase is one of the best case manufacturers out there which is why everyone is wondering when Incase iPhone 6 cases and Incase iPhone 6 Plus cases are coming out.  At we work closely with Incase and have been told that Incase iPhone 6 cases should be coming out in November.  As Incase works closely with Apple they must wait until the release of Apple devices before they can start making products for new devices like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  In past releases it has take Incase about one to two months before their cases are for sale which fits the time frame of November for the release of Incase iPhone 6 cases. Incase iPhone 6 cases will likely be coming out a few weeks before Incase iPhone 6 Plus cases.

What to expect from Incase iPhone 6 cases

In the past Incase has stuck with most of their original designs including Incase sliders, Incase snap cases, Incase premium leather collection and Incase armbands while usually adding a new twist to all original case designs.  For sure we will see new colors and new collections as Incase loves to team up with new designers and artists.

Incase sliders includes all variations of the slider including meta slider, shock slider case, metallic slider, crystal slider, chrome slider and grip slider.  With a release of a new iPhone, Incase usually introduces a new variation of Incase slider which we will likely see along with new color variations. Incase slider is one of our favorite all around cases as it provides protection with a slim design.

With the release of Incase snap cases for iPhone 6 we will likely see the Incase Frame, Pro hardshell, classic snap case and leather snap cases.  With the snap cases Incase likes to mix it up with variations like the tinted snap and pro snap case.  Once again we expect new colors and possibly different designs for the snap cases.

We expect the Incase leather iPhone 6 cases to have the same design as iPhone 5S /5.  Incase introduced these cases near the end of iPhone 5S /5 and we don’t expect much to change here.  They certainly are high quality leather and include leather fitted sleeve, leather pouch, leather wallet and leather zip wallet.

Incase Armbands for iPhone 6 will also likely stay the same as this classic design has been our favorite armband on the market.  We especially love Incase Sports Armband Deluxe and we expect it to be for iPhone 6.  Incase Sports Armband is the classic sleeve like armband while Incase Armband Deluxe allows for the case and iPhone to be easily removed from the armband itself.

To stay up on the release of all Incase iPhone 6 cases we recommend subscribing to our newsletter as we will keep you up to date on all  cases as they become available.   At the time of reading this you can also check our Incase iPhone 6 cases and Incase iPhone 6 Plus cases category pages to see what is currently available.   As you wait you may want to check out all iPhone 6 cases made from other brands.  It could be worth buying a case while you wait for the better Incase iPhone 6 cases.



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