Do iPhone 5S Cases fit iPhone 6?

As Apple has released the new iPhone 6, many people with iPhone 5S cases have asked, “do iPhone 5s cases fit iPhone 6?”   Both iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 looks quite similar but as we take a closer look we answer the question of do iPhone 5S cases fit iPhone 6.

Do iPhone 5s cases fit iPhone 6?

As seen above, iPhone 6 is much larger than iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 which means that iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s cases do not fit iPhone 6. Be sure to buy a case for your iPhone 6 that says explicitly that it is compatible with iPhone 6.  Don’t fret as all case makers that make your favorite iPhone 5S case also make iPhone 6 cases.  Many of the best iPhone 6 cases have already been released and are ready for sale.  Here are we have even done a full review of the best iPhone 6 cases.  You can also shop iPhone 6 cases and see all the best iPhone 6 cases made by the top brands like Griffin, Speck, Incase, Spigen and more.

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