Do iPhone 6 need a case? 5 Reasons why or why not

Do iPhone 6 need a case?  As a seller of Apple accessories this is one of the most common questions we have customers call and ask.  Although we would love to sell everyone a case, we must admit that  in some situations you may not need a case on your iPhone 6.


Five questions to ask yourself  when deciding do iPhone 6 need a case?

1. Have you ever dropped your phone in the last year?

2. Is your phone ever exposed to keys, coins or any other metal object that could scratch       your iPhone?

3. Do you find your iPhone to be slippery in your hands?

4. Are you going to sell your iPhone within 2 years of purchase?

5.  Does having a different look to your iPhone interest you?

If you are answered yes to any of these questions then yes you should look into buying an iPhone 6 case.  If you did not answer yes to any of this questions then quite frankly use your iPhone 6 without a case, iPhone 6 is beautiful.

5 Reason to buy an iPhone 6 case

Do iPhone 6 need case? 1. iPhone cases can keep your iPhone screen from breaking. I learned this the hard way.  To fix your iPhone 6 screen from Apple it will cost you $109 plus a $7 shipping fee.  Yes there are cheaper repair shops but they use less quality screens that will reduce clarity and touch sensitivity.  Even slim iPhone 6 cases with a raised lip can protect your iPhone screen from shattering.

2. iPhone cases can keep your iPhone 6 looking perfect.  Apart from protecting against shattered screens, iPhone 6 cases can also keep that sleek aluminum scratch free.  Accidentally put your iPhone 6 in your pocket with your keys and after a few steps your iPhone 6 may very well have small scratches that could be totally prevented with a slim iPhone 6 case. If you are at all interested in someday selling your iPhone a scratch free iPhone will sell for $50 – $100 more than a scratched iPhone.

3. You will more than cover the costs of your case by protecting your iPhone 6. If you are at all interested in someday selling your iPhone a scratch free iPhone will sell for $50 – $100 more than a scratched iPhone.

4. iPhone 6 is slippery and iPhone 6 cases can add a more grippy finish that keeps your Do iPhone 6 need a case?phone in your hand while still easily sliding out of your pocket.  Many case brands make a “soft touch finish” that adds a little friction and keeps your iPhone 6 from being so slippery.

5. iPhone 6 cases can help you differentiate from everyone else with iPhone 6.  iPhone 6 cases are now made in every color you could imagine and every design as well.  Whether you want cute iPhone 6 cases or military style iPhone 6 cases there is a case for everyone.  If you want to show off your iPhone 6 but want the protection then we recommend buying a clear iPhone 6 case.

If you decided you don’t need an iPhone 6 case then we commend you for your coordination and confidence. To take a peak at the best iPhone 6 cases check out as we sell all the best case brands and ship them with free 2-4 day shipping.

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