Do iPad Air Cases fit iPad Air 2?

The latest question around here is,  “do iPad Air cases fit iPad Air 2?” The new iPad Air 2 looks almost identical to iPad Air which is why many people think that they can just buy an iPad Air case and slip it onto their iPad Air 2.  At first it will seem like the iPad Air 2 fits perfectly but turn your iPad Air 2 around and your question is answered.

 iPad Air cases do not fit iPad Air 2.  Here’s why;

1. The camera on the back of iPad Air 2 is nearer to the edge than with iPad Air.  With an iPad Air case on your iPad Air 2 you will be covering up half of your camera.

2. iPad Air 2 is thinner than iPad Air.  Although it is only .05 inches thinner this still can make a difference with some plastic snap cases.

To learn more about “do iPad Air cases fit iPad Air 2?”, we recommend watching the short video above.  You can also checkout all the best iPad Air 2 cases already available.

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Do iPad Air cases fit iPad Air 2?
Do iPad Air cases fit iPad Air 2? We take a look at all you need to know before buying a case for iPad Air 2 and answer do iPad Air cases fit iPad Air 2.
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