Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 Review – Best iPad Air 2 Case

Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 is finally here!  This is the case many of us here at outfitYOURS will be putting on our iPad Air 2. At $59.95 this is on the more expensive side but the price is about right when you start to look at other cases with a similar design.  We rate this case so highly as it is the most functional yet simple iPad Air 2 case we have found yet. Read below why or why not to buy Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2.

Why you want this case:

  • Provides all viewing angles (portrait, landscape, typing)
  • Protects front and back of iPad Air
  • Clear scratch resistant back protects back of iPad Air 2
  • Magnet secures front cover behind iPad Air 2
  • Sleep / wake automatically turns on or off iPad when opening or closing
  • Slim design while providing protection

Possible reasons this case is not for you

  • You drop your iPad everyday on sharp rocks
  • You want a different color

I personally talk to customers everyday about the best options for iPad cases and this case is the one that customers most often call back and thank me for the recommendation. People love this case.  We sell all the brands out there but this case has become the best all around case for the everyday iPad user.  This is the slimmest iPad Air 2 case made that has all viewing angles.  The slim design still provides plenty of protection as it covers both the front and back.

versacover_air_instructions_1Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 makes all your iPad activities easier.  I particularly like that the front cover folds behind iPad Air 2 and stays there with a secure magnet. This makes browsing the web easier as you don’t have to keep securing that flap.  Although the folding design may appear confusing it only requires one simple fold for all stand options.  When done using your iPad you can easily fold the cover back and it will sit flat on the front while sleep / wake functionality will automatically turn off iPad Air 2.  Open it up for use again and your iPad Air 2 is automatically back on .

Cases are meant to protect your iPad and Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 is no exception.  It is slimmer but just enough to protect against bumps and scratches.  Yes there are more protective iPad Air 2 cases out there but they are really going to get in the way.  The back of Moshi Versacover is made with a clear scratch resistant back that has a little bit of texture to it to ensure it does not slide out of your hand.

Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 is available in black, navy, orange and pink. We sell all the major brands that make iPad cases but Moshi Versacover is the case we most often recommend.   Click here to buy Moshi Versacover for iPad Air 2 with free expedited shipping and full warranty!


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