7 Best iPhone 6 Wallet Cases – Case + wallet combined

Wallet iPhone cases are quickly becoming one of the most popular type of cases which is why we wanted to review the best iPhone 6 wallet cases on the market.  Here we sell all the wallet case brands but have narrowed it down to the 7 best iPhone 6 wallet cases. There are two types of iPhone 6 wallet cases which includes the standard flap to open wallet case or a case with slits on back for credit cards and cash. To see more options you can also checkout all iPhone 6 wallet cases.  To see more in depth about each case watch our video review below on the best iPhone 6 wallet cases for you.

Best iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

1.  Hex Icon Wallet for iPhone 6

Best iPhone 6 wallet caseTake a classic premium leather wallet design and add case inside and you have the Hex Icon wallet.  Many companies have began copying this design but Hex makes the most premium with genuine leather and the perfect balance between room for extras while not being too bulk.  We also like the elastic strap that secures your front flap behind when talking or secured closed when not in use.  The Hex Icon Wallet for iPhone 6 also comes in the most color options out there.  This is our favorite of the best iPhone 6 wallet cases.

2. Moshi Overture Wallet Case for iPhone 6

overtureSimiliar to the Hex Icon Moshi Overture sticks to the wallet design but without the strap.  Like a wallet it mostly stays folded closed.  This iPhone 6 wallet case is made with a durable case frame which makes this the most protective of all iPhone 6 wallet cases.  Overture also folds into a stand to allow for easy FaceTime or other viewing.

3. Speck CandyShell Card Case for iPhone 6

Best iPhone 6 wallet casesOne of the first wallet cases ever made was the Speck Candyshell card which makes it one of the best iPhone 6 wallet cases out there.  With the protective dual mold design of hard plastic and soft rubber this case has the look and feel of a regular non wallet iPhone 6 case.    On the back of Speck Candyshell features an integrated credit card slot that holds up to three credit cards or some folded bills.  Due to the card slots this case is quite a bit thicker than your standard Speck CandyShell iPhone 6 case.

4. Hex Solo Wallet for iPhone 6Best iPhone 6 wallet cases

Yes, Hex again! Similar to the Speck case Hex Solo Wallet looks and feels like a regular iPhone case with integrated credit card slots.  Unlike the Speck case, the thing we really like about the Hex Solo wallet is that the case is not thicker than a normal case and only adds the thickness of credit cards when used as a wallet case.  Hex Solo Wallet is made of genuine leather and has a great look and feel.

5. Spigen Slim Amor Wallet Case for iPhone 6

Best iPhone 6 wallet casesThe Spigen Slim Armor Wallet case allows you to stash your credit cards and cash in the back of your case and then slide your case closed to conceal your money.  This slot quickly slides open for easy access.  Built with the Spigen air cushion technology this case also adds impressive drop protection and is available in several different color options.

6. X-Doria Dash Folio One for iPhone 6427500_dash_folio_one_for_iphone_6_black_kickstand_1024x1024_98320__83707.1413330390.440.440

Like the Moshi Overture this X-Doria case acts as a wallet and viewing stand.  This does not rank as high as the other wallet cases as the slot only allows for one or two credit cards but this is still a great case that protects both front and back of your iPhone 6.  The polycarbonate shell adds an extra layer of protection.

7. DODOcase Leather Wallet for iPhone 6

Best iPhone 6 wallet casesDifferent from the other wallet cases, this DODOcase is more of a sleeve for all your wallet needs with a pocket for your iPhone 6.  Made with genuine leather this sleeve molds to your iPhone over time for the perfect fit.  Although this type of sleeve is not for everybody it is a great option for the minimalist.

All of the best iPhone 6 wallet cases are available at the links above with free expedited shipping and a one year warranty.   Be sure to watch the video above to learn more about each one of the best iPhone 6 wallet cases.

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7 Best iPhone 6 Wallet Cases - Case and wallet all in one
We take a look at the best iPhone 6 wallet cases made by the best brands out there. iPhone 6 wallet cases are a great way to get rid of the wallet and carrying all that you need all in your iPhone 6 case.
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