5 Best iPhone Cases for Moms

Best iPhone 6 cases for momsSo I’ve just barricaded the bottom of my stairs with an ottoman so my 10 month old daughter won’t make a break for it while I’m writing this blog post. (That has not stopped her from trying though). Whew. There are so many things to say about being a mom, but I will try to limit my comments to how iPhone cases factor in to my life for this post by looking at the best iPhone cases for moms. My phone has become indispensable as a mother. I mean, Elmo is on there! I look up my kid’s symptoms, set up playdates, plan walks with neighbors, find great recipes, communicate with family, let my daughter use it as a chew toy while I teach piano, and, let’s be honest, settle down with some good old Netflix while my little friend is napping. Even though I try not to let my phone run my life, it is always there, in my pocket, purse, or hand. My phone is my most constant accessory, I need something protective and I want something cute and fun. Thank goodness there case brands that are so protective and stylish without being humongous, bulky, or masculine. After reviewing hundred of iPhone cases I have narrowed them down to the 5 best iPhone cases for moms. 

1. Sonix iPhone Cases are amazing. Think of J.Crew look and design. Think of J.Crew look and design that doesn’t fall apart the first day in your purse or the first time your toddler throws your phone against the wall. Many Sonix designs are from Rifle Paper Company so you know what I mean.   They have dual layers: the first, a protective rubber core and the second, an outer hard shell for secure protection. The designs range from cheetah print, to solids, to florals, to ombre. And the best part, the graphics don’t scratch or rub off like the cheap cases.  Any unlike other slippery cases out there the rubbed edge keeps it from slipping out of my or my kid’s hands.  Sonix iPhone 6 Cases

2. The Moshi iGlaze Armour case is really cool in a minimalist kind of way. They offer great protection in a range of metallic cases that look classic and slim. It features a dual layer rubber inner shell and hard outer shell and is one of the best-selling cases on the market. For the mom that wants to keep the look of your iPhone then this is the case. I love the gold.  Mom moshi

3. I am currently using the Hex Icon Wallet and I think it’s my favorite case yet! It is a wallet-style case with an elastic band to hold the cover in place. I’m the type to throw my phone, keys, snacks, diapers, and whatever else into my diaper bag. It’s been about six months with this case and there is not a scratch on my phone. The case holds some cash and all of my necessary cards (I just counted, and eight cards are currently fitting quite comfortably in there). Grocery shopping is so much nicer without a big old purse, too. I would compare the look to a Madewell store; basic, but with some flare. Also, as one who drops her phone every ten minutes, I can tell you this thing protects and protects and protects.Hex Mom

4. The Trina Turk cases are definitely the sassiest out there. The designs are bright and fun and the cases also have the dual layer protection system. If you want to add some pizzaz to your everyday routine, the Trina Turk case is the way to go.Trina Turk iphone 6 Cases

5. No one needs extra battery for their phone more than moms. Not only am I draining my battery but now my kids too.  The Mophie Juice Pack case can extend your battery life up to 14.5 hours! It’s protective and quite slim considering that it more than doubles my battery life.  Whenever I get a low battery I just flip the switch on the back and my phone fully recharges.  Mophie iPhone 6 Cases

So there you have it. Moms! We don’t have to have ugly and bulky iPhone cases. We can have one less thing to worry about when our kid decides it’s a really good idea to throw our phone down the stairs. And we can have a cute accessory while we Instagram a picture of our child squirting out all of the baby shampoo all over the bathroom floor (happened yesterday). I hope this short review helped you out if you are looking to upgrade your case in any way. Also, thanks for being a mom; it’s so hard and so wonderful and I admire anyone in the midst of it. Now go have a great day! For more info watch the video below of our picks for the best iPhone cases for moms. 

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