Will iPhone 6 Cases fit iPhone 6S? – See which ones do not fit

Our most common question lately online and in our store is “will iPhone 6 cases fit iPhone 6S?”  The answer is actually it depends on which case you are asking about.  The differences between iPhone 6 and 6S are only .001 of an inch thicker for iPhone 6S which is way less than you could ever discern. The cameras and buttons are all in the exact same spot so that will not be any issue.   In short not all iPhone 6 cases will fit iPhone 6S but here is an explanation(including a video below) on which will and which will not fit.

Category iPhone 6 iPhone 6s iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s Plus
Thickness 6.9 mm
(0.27 inches)
7.1 mm
(0.28 inches)
7.1 mm
(0.28 inches)
7.2 mm
(0.29 inches)
Weight 129 g
(4.55 oz)
143 g
(5.04 oz)
172 g
(6.07 oz)
192 g
(6.77 oz)
Height 138.1 mm
(5.44 inches)
138.3 mm
(5.44 inches)
158.1 mm
(6.22 inches)
158.2 mm
(6.23 inches)
Width 67.0 mm
(2.64 inches)
67.1 mm
(2.64 inches)
77.8 mm
(3.06 inches)
77.9 mm
(3.07 inches)

Cases that will fit iPhone 6S

Though we cannot speak with 100% surety for all brands out there, pretty much any iPhone 6 case with a component of rubber will fit iPhone 6S.  Even snap type cases will fit. To see all the major brands of cases that work with iPhone 6S click here.  Just make sure when buying an iPhone 6s case that it does say compatible with iPhone 6S in the description.

iPhone cases that will not fit iPhone 6S

There are a select few iPhone 6 cases that will not fit iPhone 6S that include slider type cases made of hard plastic.  Waterproof cases that have a very tight fit may not fit as well.  When it comes down to it like said above just make sure your case says compatible with iPhone 6S in the description.

Watch the video below to see a more in depth review answering the question “will iPhone 6 cases fit iPhone 6S?”


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