5 Best Metal Cases for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Best Metal Cases for iPhoneMetal iPhone cases have quickly become one of the most popular styles of iPhone cases out there. We are often asked which is the best metal case for iPhone 6S and other iPhone models.  In our review of the 5 best Metal Cases for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus we narrowed downover 20 metal cases to come up with the top five.  They vary in degree of protection and the amount of overall metal with each case. Yes we made this list because we sell all of these cases. What makes us unbiased is we pretty much sell all the name brands out there.
This list was harder to narrow down because picking the best metal iPhone case is a lot more subjective than a category like “most protective cases”. Either way, if you want a quality metal iPhone case, any one of these five will do the trick.  If you do find one you like, be sure to use the code METAL and you will get 15 % off your case and free expedited shipping!

1. X-Doria Defense Shield for iPhone 6S / 6

X-Doria Defense ShieldThis is the most protective of all the metal cases we reviewed and it is the most practical as well. Match this one with the color of your iPhone and you won’t find a sleeker look while still providing your iPhone with military grade protection.  X-Doria Defense Shield is the combination of machined aluminum, a soft rubber core and a scratch free transparent polycarbonate.  This is the metal case we recommend for users looking to show off their iPhone and need drop protection. For more checkout the other  X-Doria iPhone 6S Cases

2. Rokform Predator Aluminum for iPhone 6S / 6

The Rokform Predator Aluminum has the most metal out of all of the best metal cases forpredator-ip6p-case-lifestyle-03
iPhone 6S / 6S Plus.  When you started searching for a metal case this is probably more what you envisioned.  It looks sleek but the Predator design actually does very well protecting against drops as it protects all points of contact during a drop.  Two pieces of solid aluminum simply screw together and secure tightly around your iPhone. Due to the screw on design, we dont recommend this to someone that changes cases often.   Predator protects but also comes with the best iPhone case mount on the market with Rokform’s patented design.  The magnetic mount allows you to easily mount your iPhone anywhere you go and remove it with the integrated magnetic mount.  We recommend this metal case for users looking for the most metal possible and are interested in the Rokform magnetic mounting feature.

3. Moshi iGlaze Armour

Moshi Metal Case for iPhone 6S Brushed aluminum with colors matching iPhone colors is what makes Moshi iGlaze Armour stand out.  Not only is this one of our favorite metal cases but was also one of our top overall iPhone cases.  Armour matches the iPhone look more than any case we have seen.  In fact while using this case I have had several people ask me what type of iPhone I have.  They thought I was not using a case at all.  Moshi iGlaze Armour is a layer of brushed aluminum with a shock absorbent core.  We recommend Moshi iGlaze Armour to users look for an “iPhone look” and a flashy brushed aluminum style.

4. Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal

One of the slimmest metal cases, Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal is a soft rubber case with a
aluminum bumper that snaps around the edge.  The rubber case is etched with a grippy design and the aluminum adds nice structure.  We recommend Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal to users looking for a rubber type case and that like a metal accent.

5. ElementCase Solace

With the least amount of metal, ElementCase Solace is still one of the best metal iPhone cases out there.  It is the most expensive so it is not for everybody.  The durable ultra thin body is reinforced with CNC aluminum top and bottom crown to finish off this premium case.  It also has the largest lip on the front which provides impressive protection against scratching your screen.  We recommend this metal case to users not worried about price and that prefer an accent rather than more full metal coverage for their case.

To learn more about the best metal cases for iPhone 6S / iPhone 6S Plus we recommend watching the video below.  Once you find the one you like, hit the links above and be sure to checkout with the coupon code METAL which will give you 15% off your order and free expedited shipping!

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5 Best Metal Cases for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus
With nearly 100 metal iPhone cases we narrowed them down to the 5 best metal cases for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. This list of the best metals cases includes brands like X-Doria, Spigen, Rokform, Moshi and ElementCase. This article also includes a video review of the 5 best metal cases for iPhone 6S and shows what makes each one unique.
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