Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Cases now that everything is out – Incase, Mophie, Incipio, Spigen

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-11-42-21-amThe best iPhone 7 cases are finally all out with the exception of the mophie juice pack iPhone 7 cases which will be coming out in the next several weeks. With each new release of iPhone models come more and improved iPhone cases.  Any of the best iPhone 7 cases are excellent and it really comes down to what type of case you need.  To learn more about each one of these cases watch our video review of the top 10 best iPhone 7 cases. Yes we do sell these and most all other iPhone cases out there.  If you find one you like use code IPHONE7 at checkout for 15% off and free expedited shipping.

  1. Incase Smart SYSTM for iPhone 7 

650450145013__62264-1479421192-440-440Our #1 pick is a case that will work great for pretty much everyone as it is both slim and protective.  Yes there are more protective cases out there but they are going to add a lot of bulk.  The Smart SYSTM will still protect your phone when dropped, even onto cement. It is military grade drop protection certified.  The co-molded design has a soft rubber core with a hard plastic shell that is not glossy or slippery like other cases.  Many other cases have the co-molded design but none have the quality of design of the Incase Smart SYSTM.  We also like that this case is much easier to remove than the majority of hardshell cases out there.

2. Just Mobile TENC Clear Case for iPhone 7

Almost every brand now makes a clear case but no clear case will hold up better than the pc-178mc_01__77789-1-1475785110-700-700
Just Mobile TENC.  This case is made with a proprietary clear plastic that is auto healing.  We have tried scratching this thing with a wire brush and it heals back to looking new.  We also love that this case shows off the iPhone so well.  It comes in a matte clear, crystal clear and matte black.  We prefer that matte clear as it shows less fingerprints and has a little more grip to it.

3.  mophie Hold Force Cases + Accessories

hf-ip7-wrap-mnt-ip7-ghost-ps-mini_back-left-3qtr-2mophie makes the best battery cases in the world and we are anxiously awaiting the mophie juice packs for iPhone 7 but in the meantime they have a very unique base case + accessory option.  The mophie hold force base case is a snap on case that has magnets that can flawlessly be paired with a mophie hold force wallet, folio or powerstation plus mini. What makes this great is you can always keep the base case on your phone and add the accessories as needed.  I am most impressed with the option of pairing with the powerstation and charging your iPhone when needed.  Whether it is the mophie Hold Force combo or the upcoming mophie iPhone 7 battery cases, there are a lot of great options from their brand.

4.  Moshi Armour for iPhone 7 

The Moshi Armour has always been one of the most attractive iPhone cases.  When I first7336started using this case people would come and ask me what kind of iPhone I was using.  The finish looks like a naked iPhone with the diamond cut aluminum.  It also has a rubberized core and gives solid protection for most situations and is military grade drop protection certified.  If you want the best looking, this is your case.

5. Spigen Slim Armor for iPhone 7 

042cs20301__68184-1474915903-440-440Spigen has quickly become one of the most popular iPhone case brands out there and the Slim Armor is our favorite case.  Slim armor comes in several color options and provides impressive protection.  We do find the kickstand to be a little gimmicky but overall this an excellent case option.


6.  Sonix iPhone 7 Cases

We have a tough time keeping the Sonix iPhone 7 cases in the stock as this brand has 270-0018-0121__43477-1474905773-440-440become one of the most sought after for cases for women.  With dozens of different patterns the biggest difference is these cases are both cute and quality.  Many malls carry cute looking cases but the quality is usually not there.  Sonix cases are made with scratch resistant graphics and an impact resistant rubber bumper.  These case also provide more protection that your average plastic snap on case.

7. Kate Spade iPhone 7 Cases

ksiph-055-stbwg__99470-1474907794-440-440Though not quite as protective as Sonix cases, the Kate Spade iPhone 7 cases are high end attractive cases that many women want.  They have improved this snap case to have a rubberized core that provides much more protection than before.

8.  Incipio DualPro for iPhone 7 iph-1465-blk__20287-1474400122-440-440

Back to the good all around cases, the Dualpro is a more simple version of our #1 pick case and will provide similar protection.  Though the finish or design is not as high of quality this is still a great option.  We particularly like the soft touch coating that can provide a little more grip.  Dualpro also comes in tons of different color combinations.

9 . Sena Leather WalletBook for iPhone 7 

unknown-31__18203-1476122431-440-440If you like high end leather, the Sena Walletbook is definitely worth taking a look at.  You can now combine your wallet and case into one.  Like all Sena cases, this is made with genuine European leather.  Wallet book is also drop proof as the case snap on and provides a bumper case that includes the hand wrapped leather folio around it.  For call and texting the folio comfortable tucks behind.

10.  Hex Solo Wallet for iPhone 7

For a more simple iPhone 7 wallet case we love the Hex Solo Wallet.  This snap on case has hx2281_blck_2
credit card slots along the back and allows you to carry 4 or 5 credit cards and some cash while adding very little bulk to your iPhone.

To learn more about the best iPhone 7 cases watch the video below or go to the link of each individual case above.



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