Do waterproof cases really work? Lifeproof, Griffin, Ballistic??

Summer is here and the question we often get is, “do waterproof cases really work?”  Waterproof cases have become one of the most popular type of iPhone and smartphone cases out there. Cases are to protect so why wouldn’t you want a case that also protects against water?


Q – Do waterproof cases really work?

A – Yes the majority of name brand waterproof cases will work in protecting your smartphone while under water.  We can’t recommend all brands out there but we do have several suggestions below.  All of the cases we can recommend include a warranty that if the case is not fully waterproof then they will replace the case.  Some brands even go as far as saying that if the water damages your phone then they will pay for a replacement.  We still recommend testing all waterproof cases before you put your phone in it and give it a try. Be sure to pay attention to the suggest depth as most waterproof cases cannot be used under 5 or 6 feet.

Q – Is a waterproof case the best case option?

A – Although it may sound like the perfect solution we do not recommend waterproof cases to all of our customers.  Yes sure we would like to sell more expensive cases but often times a waterproof case is not worth using the entire year so that you can take your iPhone to the lake one day a year.  Waterproof cases at times can muffle sound slightly and can be annoying to some customers.  We recommend using it more like a tool where you put a waterproof case on while in wet situations and use a regular case most of the time.

Q – What are the best waterproof cases?

A – Our favorite waterproof case is the Griffin Survivor + Catalyst.  We most like the responsiveness of the touch screen and this case muffles the sound the very least of all waterproof cases.  We also like the Incipio Atlas ID as it allows for the touch ID functionality and how Incipio will replace your iPhone if damaged by water.  Lifeproof also makes good waterproof cases although we found them to muffle sound more than the Griffin Survivor and Incipio Atlas. To see more we recommend watching our review of best waterproof cases for iPhone 5S/ 5.

In short yes waterproof cases really work and can be a great solution for protecting your device.  Feel free to contact us at and we can help you pick out the best waterproof case for your device.  To check out all the best brands that make waterproof cases click here.




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5 Best Camo Cases for iPhone 5S / 5

As fall approaches you are likely getting all your camo ready for the hunt.  You might as well get your phone ready as well.  Many top brands have started making camo cases for iPhone and we show you the 5 best camo cases for iPhone 5S / 5.

1.  Griffin Survivor Mossy Oak Camo

Griffin makes one of the best rugged cases out there. This ultra rugged case is now also made with Mossy Oak Camo.  Mossy Oak patterns include treestand, oak blaze, oak obsession.  The Griffin Survivor camo cases come with a built in screen protector and are water resistant and mud resistant.  No matter how bad the storm this case will be perfect for your hunt and comes with a belt clip as well.

2.  Hex Solo Wallet Camo case for iPhone 5S / 5

Hex Camo Case for iPhone 5S / 5If you are looking for a slim wallet case that comes in camo then this is the case.  The Hex Solo wallet camo case is made with genuine leather wrapping and will camo your case without adding much bulk at all.  Hex makes the most popular wallet cases on the market and this is the design that has made them famous.

3. Griffin Survivor Clear

If you like the idea of slim but also want some drop protection then we would recommend the Griffin Survivor clear camo case.  This case is a transparent camo pattern design with TPE rubber edges that make for one of the most protective slim designs.  Griffin Survivor Clear Camo case comes in several camo patterns including shadow grass, winter breakup and pink breakup.

4. OtterBox Defender with Realtree Camo

Though not as protective as Griffin Survivor, OtterBox Defender is a very protective case that comes in some attractive iPhone camo options.  Defender will protect against dirt and drops.

5. Hex Icon Wallet Camo Case

icon_wallet_camo_front_1__91738.1384210397.440.440If you are wanting camo style and the full functionality of a wallet then check out the Hex Icon wallet camo case.  We love the blaze orange spine and camo combination.

Click on any of the best camo cases for iPhone 5S / 5 to see more. All of these cases and more are available at

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Best iPhone 5S cases for protection

The best iPhone 5S cases for protection include cases that are waterproof, dust proof, drop proof and more.  It really comes down to how much protection you are looking for.  We show you our picks of best iPhone 5s cases for protection starting with number one to number five.  Keep in mind that in choosing the case for you it really depends on how you will be using your iPhone and what type of protection you need.

1. Griffin Survivor Catalyst

Griffin Survivor CatalystSurvivor Catalyst is waterproof down to 9 feet, dust proof, military approved drop proof and still relatively thin.  There are a lot of other competing waterproof cases but we most like this one as it very rarely muffles calls (the least of all waterproof cases) and it has the most responsive touch screen.  We also like the attachable arm strap.  If you are protecting against water then this case is definitely the best choice.  Just watch our review of the best waterproof cases to see for yourself.

2.  Spigen Tough ArmorSpigen Tough Armor

Yes it sounds nice to have a case that protects against everything but we find a good all around protective case like Tough armor is what customers are often most happy about.  This case will provide plenty of drop protection, looks good and is a lot less expensive than the other options.

3. Griffin Survivor

Griffin Survivor protective iPhone caseIf you want the ultimate drop protecting case then Griffin Survivor is the way to go.  This case may be a little over the top but it sure does add peace of mind in situations where you could break your iPhone.  The built in screen protector also adds some nice protection. Of the best iPhone 5s cases for protection this is the most all around protective

4. Incipio Atlas IDIncipio Atlas ID protective case for iPhone 5S

If you are using an iPhone 5S and love the new fingerprint ID then the Atlas ID is the case for you.  Although this case is not quite as muffle proof as Survivor Catalyst, this case does allow full use of the fingerprint ID and is fully waterproof.

5. X-Doria Defense 720

X-Doria Defense 720If you want protection but to still show off your iPhone 5S then this is the case.  This case is drop protective and comes with a built in screen protector that can be removed or used depending on your protection needed.  Defense 720 looks like a regular type case while providing more protection than most cases out there.


These and all other best iPhone 5S cases for protection are all available here with free 2 – 4 day shipping!

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Incase Icon Sleeve Review for 13″ / 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Incase was the first company to make a MacBook sleeve which has become the popular Incase Neoprene Sleeve. In our Incase Icon Sleeve review we found this new sleeve to be even better than the neoprene sleeve that has flown off Apple store shelves for so many years.  Incase Icon Sleeve has a zipper less design, magnetic closure and slimmer profile while providing more protection.  Like always this Incase sleeve is attractive and comes in some great color combinations.  We take a look at the pros and cons and review Incase Icon Sleeve.

Incase Icon Sleeve review

What we like 

  • Magnetic closure instead of zippers
  • TENSAERLITE (like a bumper for the sleeve which provides good protection)
  • Classic neoprene look and protection
  • Made to fit Retina MacBook Pro models perfectly
  • Easier to remove or stow away your MacBook

Why to look at other sleeves

  • Not a ton of color options
  • A little more expensive

In our Incase Icon Sleeve review we compared this sleeve to the Incase Neoprene Sleeve and found this to have several improvements.  The neoprene used on Incase Icon Sleeve Review Incase Icon sleeve is identical which we really like.  There are several layers of this premium neoprene material which allow for impressive drop protection.  The biggest difference between the two sleeves is the way the sleeves opens.  Where the Neoprene sleeve opened with a zipper the Incase Icon sleeve uses magnets to secure the sleeve closed.  It also has a half inch lip that ensures your MacBook will not fall even when the magnets are not properly closed.  We like that this design avoids scratches from zippers and allows for quicker access to your MacBook.

To add even more protection to the layered neoprene Incase has made the Incase1_14__68730.1405460879.440.440 Icon sleeve with TENSAERLITE which is a bumper frame for additional drop protection.  This bumper is streamline stitched and looks great with contrasting colors.  While many MacBook Sleeves are made to fit both the larger MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina Display, Incase Icon Sleeve is made specifically for MacBook Pro with Retina Display.  We particularly like this as the sleeve fits perfectly without being baggy.

There are two different models of this sleeve; Incase Icon Sleeve for 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display and Incase Icon Sleeve for 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display.  There will likely be many more colors coming out but as of now Incase Icon sleeve is made in black / slate and gray / fluro. All of these options are available at the links above and ship with free 2 – 4 day shipping.  To learn more watch below the video Incase Icon Sleeve Review.


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Top 5 Best Armbands for iPhone 5S / 5 – Incase, Griffin, Belkin, Adidas, Puregear

The best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5 include armbands made by Incase, Griffin, Puregear and Belkin.  When selecting the best iPhone armband it is important to first decide how you will be using it. Our picks for best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5 were selected as the best all around armbands which will be great for jogging, using at the gym or other forms of exercise.  An armband for iPhone 5S / 5 allows you use your phone will on the go and we most like the armbands that allow for quick easy access while also being secure on your arm.  There are tons of armbands out there but take a look at pros and cons of each iPhone armband and choose the best one for you.  It may be hard to notice all the key features so we do recommending watch our video at the bottom reviewing the 5 best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5.IMG_7201

1. Incase Sports Armband Deluxe for iPhone 5S / 5

Incase Sports Armband Deluxe best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5This is our number one pick among the best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5 as it allows for the easiest use of your iPhone compared to all other armbands.  Most armbands feature a design where your iPhone is encased inside a closed up sleeve that can make it difficult to text or email while the iPhone is stuck to your bicep.  Incase Sports Armband Deluxe has a detachable case that quickly releases from the armband which makes this the most functional of all the armbands.

  • Pros – Most functional armband, full touch screen ability, reflective
  • Cons – Doesn’t protect screen (can be used with screen protectors)

2. PureGear PureMove Sports Armband for iPhone 5S / 5Puregear Puremove for iPhone 5S / 5 best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5

The Puremove is almost identical to the Incase armband except that it does not detach your iPhone when needed.  Although lacking in this aspect this does have a few features the Incase does not.  We like that it comes with a cord organizer for your headphones and that it does come in sizes for men and women.  We would still recommend the Incase Sports Armband Deluxe unless the detaching feature is not important to you.

Pros – Lightweight, cord organizer, reflective design, men’s / women’s sizes

Cons – Does not detach like # 1 armband

3. Incase Sports Armband for iPhone 5S / 5

Incase Armband for iPhone 5S / 5 is one of the best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5Yes another Incase Armband.  It may seem biased to have Incase featured twice in the top 5 but Incase has been making iPhone armbands longer than any other company.  The Incase Sports Armband is our favorite of the common design that covers the screen with a thin plastic and has a neoprene material armband behind.  Although some touch abilities are slightly hindered we found the Incase to have the most responsive touch screen when in the armband.  It is easy to slip your iPhone inside before a jog and then remove it when finished.  Although not as functional as the Deluxe version (see #1) some people do prefer the added protection of the screen particularly if you are jogging in the rain.  As for the armband itself it is almost identical to the deluxe with reflective designs and sweat proof protections. If you like this type of design then this is the best armband for you as it is better than # 4 and # 5.

Pros – Screen protection, most touch sensitive screen cover, keeps water out, reflective design

Cons – Harder to text than # 1 case

4. Griffin Adidas Micoach Armband for iPhone 5S / 5Griffin MiCoach Adidas Armband for iPhone 5 & iPod touch 5G

Griffin teamed up with Adidas to give us the most simple of the iPhone armbands.  We like that this is super light weight and does include a little slit for a key.  This is the lightest of the armbands and is less expensive than the others.  Not quite the quality you would expect from a brand like Adidas but still a lot better than most iPhone armbands out there.

Pros – Most lightweight and thin, less expensive, key pocket

Cons – Cheaper quality, not as touch sensitive, fit is not 100 % perfect although still works

5. Belkin Sport Fit Armband for iPhone 5S / 5

Belkin Sport Fit Armband for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black / GrayThe least expensive of all the best iPhone 5S / 5 armbands, the Belkin is another simple but good all around armband.  We like that it comes in several color options.  Although not as touch sensitive as the Incase armband this armband still allows you to easily change your songs and send out a short text.

Pros – Least expensive, sweat proof design, color options

Cons – Not as touch sensitive

All of the best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5 are available from our site and ship with free 2 – 4 day shipping and a one year warranty.  To learn more about these armbands watch our video below of the top 5 best armbands for iPhone 5S / 5.

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Moshi Versakeyboard Review – Most Versatile iPad Air Keyboard Case

In our Moshi Versakeyboard review we found this iPad Air keyboard case to be like no other.  This case is so impressive it was even included in the top 5  best iPad Air keyboard cases.Moshi Versakeyboard Review

What we like

  • Keyboard is full size of iPad Air for comfortable typing
  • Origami folding cover for all viewing / typing modes
  • Lighter than other name brand keyboard cases
  • Protects front and back
  • Sleep / Wake functionality
  • Keyboard can be stored out of the way
  • Front flaps folds behind and is secured with magnets

Possible reasons to look at other cases

  • If you prefer a case with an attached keyboard

Moshi VersakeyboardAs we did our Moshi Versakeyboard Review we found this case to be the most functional of all keyboard cases out there.  Up until now almost all brands have stuck to a keyboard case design that has a front cover with a keyboard inside that opens up next to the iPad.  This design can be nice but it does make your iPad strictly a device for typing.

We like the the functionality of Moshi Versakeyboard. You can take your keyboard out of the back of the case and type away when desired. If you are browsing the internet and not needing the keyboard you can tuck it away behind and forget it is even there.  The magnetized fold behind flap also allows for the case to be open and be comfortably held. The keyboard that is slide back behind lies completely flat and allow for easy table use of just the iPad when not typing.

Moshi Versakeyboard is based off of the very popular design of Moshi Versacover for Moshi Versakeyboard ReviewiPad Air which has the design of the origami folding front cover.  This design makes the Moshi Versakeyboard one of the only keyboard cases out there that has landscape, portrait and typing angles.  The front cover automatically turns on and off with sleep / wake functionality. Bluetooth pairing is automatic and the battery lasts ups to 6 months without being charger.  To learn more about this impressive keyboard case checkout our Moshi Versakeyboard review below.  Moshi Versakeyboard is available at our site with free 2 – 4 day shipping and full warranty.  If you are not impressed checkout the other iPad Air keyboard cases.





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Incase Icon Pack Review

In our Incase Icon Pack review we found out why Incase has named this their best backpack yet.  For years Incase has made the best tech backpacks that are known for quality of material, sleek design and their designated pockets for MacBook or iPad.  Incase Icon Pack improves on everything we love about Incase backpacks which is why we would rate this as the best all around backpack for MacBook Pro.Incase Icon Pack Review

What we like

  • Dedicated pockets for MacBook, iPad and iPhone
  • Attractive design with durable nylon construction
  • Comfortable with molded back panel / padded shoulder strap
  • Stays compact yet expands when more room is needed

Why it might not be for you 

Incase Icon Pack ReviewIn our Incase Icon Pack Review we were first most impressed with the number of pockets on this MacBook backpack.  There are other backpacks out there that have similar functionality but none have the sleek look of Incase Icon Pack.  Many of the integrated pockets are hidden and stay out of the way of your main use pockets.  For example you might not even notice the hip side pocket but this can be perfect for keeping your iPhone or charger and includes cable port.  An external top access pocket is also hidden and perfect for your iPhone or wallet.  You are probably shopping for an Incase backpack for the MacBook dedicated pocket that is padded and faux fur which keeps your MacBook looking perfect. This pockets fit up to 15″ MacBook Pro and works flawlessly for smaller models.

Checkout the video below and you will see that this backpack is very attractive.  Incase Incase Icon Pack ReviewIcon Pack is made of durable 840D nylon construction.  Even if you were to fill this backpack with to full capacity Icon pack is very comfortable with a compression molded back panel.  The fully adjustable sternum and shoulder straps are also padded to make this backpack the perfect size for you.

There are a lot of great MacBook backpacks out there but if you are looking for the best then Incase Icon Pack is the way to go.  Be sure to watch our full Incase Icon Pack Review below to learn more.  Available in black, red and gray, Incase Icon Pack is available at with free 2-4 day shipping and full warranty.




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5 Best Cases for 2014 MacBook Air – 11″ / 13″

With the release of the new 2014 MacBook Air we have had customers ask, “which are the best cases for 2014 MacBook Air?”.  Not all MacBook Air cases are going to fit your 2014 MacBook Air as these cases need to have the two side holes for the dual microphone.  This list of best cases for 2014 all are updated cases that will fit your new MacBook.  If looking at cases outside this list make sure that it says compatible with 2014 MacBook Air before you buy.  Here are the 10 best Cases for 2014 MacBook Air.

1. Moshi iGlaze Hardshell Case for 2014 MacBook Air 

Moshi iGlaze for 2014" MacBook AirThis case has by far been a favorite hardshell case for MacBook Air as it looks the best and is the most scratch resistant.  Just check out our scratch test to believe us.  The clear Moshi hardshell has been the most popular but this case is also available in black.  For the 11″ version click here.  The Moshi iGlaze is a little more expensive but we think it is worth it.

2. Incase Hardshell case for MacBook Air 904882__35995.1360262175.440.440

A less expensive option with great quality.  We would recommend sticking to the soft touch Incase hard-shells as the others do tend to scratch easily. Like the other cases this does have vents that allows for your Mac to fully cool.

546827_MAPB_front_large_00__54216.1373497729.440.4403. Speck See Thru Satin for 2014 MacBook Air

If you are looking for some bright colors, Speck SeeThru is definitely the case for you.  We particular like the satin line as it has the soft touch and does not scratch as easily.

4. Sena Leather Folio for 2014 MacBook Air 

The best leather case for 2014 MacBook Air is the Sena Leather Folio.  Made of genuine European leather, this case allows for full functionality and looks very professional.  It has a soft velvet lining that keeps your MacBook perfect and includes multiple pockets.  I would recommend checking out the video review of this one as there is a little more to it than the other hard cases. You are going to pay more but this case is worth it.

5.  Incipio Hardshell for 2014 Macbook Air

GetDynamicImage-1.aspx__99168.1316139796.440.440The Incipio Feather is worth it if you are looking for a different color than what Moshi, Speck or Moshi makes.  These still are good quality cases that hold up well and protect your 2014  MacBook Air. The Incipio case is the thinnest of the different case options but is about equal in weight and protection.

To check out all the best cases for 2014 MacBook Air, sleeves and bags check out the category of cases for MacBook Air 13″ or cases for 11″ MacBook Air.  All of the best cases for 2014 MacBook Air are available with free 2 -4 day shipping at the links above.


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Mophie Space Pack Review – Is it worth the money?

In this Mophie Space Pack Review we look at what makes the Mophie Space pack different from all other iPhone cases on the market.  First off, Mophie Space pack is a steep $150(16GB) or $180(32 GB) so you definitely want to be sure that this case is more than just a good looking case with some nice features.  The Mophie Space Pack has won us over and if you are looking for added battery and storage then this case is for sure the way to go.Mophie Space Pack Review

Why we like it

  • Very easy to use added storage of 16 GB or 32 GB
  • 100 % additional battery (Mophie makes the best battery cases)
  • Space pack app automatically organizes photos, videos, files, etc.
  • Every day protection
  • Attractive sleek look and design
  • Only case on the market that adds storage + battery life
  • Cheaper than buying larger storage iPhone

Why not to buy

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 3.53.40 PMThe battery – Mophie Space Pack is available in 16GB for $150 or 32GB for $180.  Both models have a 1700 mAh battery that adds 100% additional battery.  Without a question Mophie makes the best battery cases so in our Mophie Space Pack Review we really didn’t look to much at the quality of the battery aspect of the case.  Just know that it will add about 8 hours of talk time, 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of music playback.  The Mophie battery cases are the most reliable and easiest to use with LED battery indication lights and a switch to use the case battery.  You can recharge both iPhone and case at the same time with the included micro USB cable.

Storage – Before doing our Mophie Space Pack Review we were most concerned about the integration of the additional storage.  We were pleasantly surprised to find the Mophie Space Pack App(free) to feel very much like iOS.  Before buying Mophie Space Pack we would recommend downloading the App and first trying the App to see the idea of how this works.  With the case on and App downloaded you then just press the back button to begin moving your files onto the App.  You have several options like automatically syncing your photos.

I found the Mophie Space Pack to be most  useful for keeping all my photos and videos on 410x505_wysiwyg-spacepack-sp-ip5-banner-3qtr-green-021214the App as they are the easiest to access and often take up the most storage.  Files can also easily be dragged and dropped from your computer like  you would with a thumb drive.  All files cans be viewed within the App and I truly felt like I was not even in an App at all and was using regular iOS.  With Mophie Space Pack you will be able to add 16,000 photos, 14+ hours of video and 9000 songs.  To see the App in action we recommend watching our Mophie Space Review video below.

Case design – For a case that adds 100 % battery and up to 32 GB of storage the Mophie Space Pack is actually surprisingly compact and light. The case itself only adds just over 2.5 ounces and only about a half inch of additional thickness.  An outer band and smooth finish make for this case easy to hold and a sleek look that looks very Apple like.

Mophie Space Pack for iPhone 5S / 5 comes in several different options and all are available at  We are an official Mophie reseller which means the case comes with a full warranty.  We also happen to have the fastest free shipping of all Mophie resellers.  To learn more about our Mophie Space Pack Review watch the video below. Buy Mophie Space Pack for iPhone 5S / 5 here.



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Do Galaxy S4 cases fit Galaxy S5?

With the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 we have received lots of questions of “do Galaxy S4 cases fit Galaxy S5?”.  You are probably wanting to upgrade to the new impressive phone but wonder if you will need to buy a new case for Galaxy S5.

Q – Do Galaxy S4 cases fit Galaxy S5?

A – No the majority of Galaxy S4 cases will not fit your new Samsung Galaxy S5 as they are different dimensions (seem image below).  Galaxy S4 measures 136.6 x 69.8mm while Galaxy S5 is larger at 142 x 72.5mm face-on.  This difference in size means that any plastic or rubber Galaxy S4 cases will not fit your new Galaxy S5.  The only cases that will fit are pouch / sleeve type cases like Moshi

No worries, there are a lot of great cases that are already out for Galaxy S5. As  you search for the best case for your Samsung Galaxy S5 we recommend checking out our blog post on 5 best cases for Samsung Galaxy S5.

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